Act Now To Protect Your Heart

Don’t wait for chest pain or other symptoms to warn you of trouble - find heart disease before it finds you.

  • Cost is $99, payable at the time of your scan
  • The Heart CT can be performed in under 30 minutes
  • Results will be sent to your primary health care provider
  • A summary of your Heart CT and a copy of the radiology report will be mailed to you and your primary health care provider within seven to ten business days
  • In addition to your mailed packet, results will be posted to your Premier Health MyChart account
  • Convenient locations in Butler, Greene, Miami, and Montgomery counties at:

Find Heart Disease Before It Finds You

Now there’s an easy way to find out if you have early or advanced heart disease – even with no symptoms – so you can take action to help protect your heart.

A Premier Health Heart CT takes images of your heart’s arteries to measure the amount of plaque buildup. Results can allow early detection and treatment of heart disease. All results are evaluated by a board-certified cardiology and radiologist to give you a calcium score. There are three ways to schedule. No physician referral required.