Nancy’s Story: Grateful For Relief From Venous Disease

Not much slows Nancy Brown down. This 70-year-old mother of four and grandmother to 19 grandchildren and many foster grandchildren also serves as a trustee in Bethel Township. 

But swelling, pain, and itching in her legs was getting the best of her. Her cardiologist, Abdelhamed I. Abdelhamed, MD of Premier Cardiovascular Institute, who has been treating her for premature ventricular contractions since 2011, diagnosed Nancy’s leg condition as venous disease, also known as chronic venous insufficiency. With venous disease, the valves that control blood flow become weak and damaged, which makes blood build up in the veins. As blood settles, veins swell and bulge, often leading to leg swelling, pain, and sometimes varicose veins

Upon Dr. Abdelhamed’s advice, Nancy tried wearing compression stockings, which provided some relief —but not enough. 

“Especially after a long car ride or after I had been standing for a long time, my legs would really bother me. And it was getting worse,” Nancy said.

Dr. Abdelhamed recommended a venous ablation procedure for Nancy. Venous ablation is a minimally invasive, outpatient procedure for treating venous disease. It works by inserting a catheter into the affected area and treating it with radio frequency energy. Venous ablation is low risk, causes minimal pain, does not require a hospital stay, and most patients experience a quick recovery.

Nancy was like many people facing a procedure – she was nervous. But she knew she needed relief and trusted Dr. Abdelhamed. She had venous ablation on her left leg in September 2015 at Miami Valley Hospital North.

“My recovery was so easy and there was tremendous improvement in my left leg,” she says with enthusiasm. “I wanted to have the second leg done as soon as possible, even if it was at Christmas time.” 

Nancy’s second successful venous ablation procedure was done in December 2015, and she had no stress before this one! 

She reports that both her legs are greatly improved. “Not everything in life can be made better, but I’m glad this was,” Nancy said.

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