Wound Treatment and Healing

Successful treatment of difficult wounds requires assessing and treating the entire patient, not just the wound. Our goal is to treat chronic wounds by building strong relationships with patients and their families, correct contributing factors such as controlling infection, and enhance the medical and nutritional status of our patients. Premier Health’s physician-led, multidisciplinary approach to wound care utilizes a variety of advanced technologies, clinical therapies, and evidence-based wound care treatment options.

Care begins with a consultation, thorough diagnostic examination, and medical history. Together with you and your health care provider, we create a treatment plan focused on your specific needs. An individualized treatment plan of care may include one or a combination of the following:

Premier Health’s wound care centers are located in or next to our hospitals and provide easy access to additional services you may need. Our wound care physicians often collaborate with other specialty physicians and staff ranging from medical imaging, physical therapy, psychological counseling, and nutrition services to respiratory therapy in order to treat difficult wounds.

Wound care services are available at:

  • Atrium Medical Center
  • Miami Valley Hospital
  • Miami Valley Hospital South
  • Upper Valley Medical Center

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Our bodies need oxygen to fight infection, enable tissue growth, and heal. Poor circulation is often the underlying problem for a difficult wound. Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is another aspect of evidence-based wound care, and has been helpful in healing complex and infected wounds. During treatments at greater than normal atmospheric pressure, patients breathe 100 percent oxygen. The compressed oxygen molecules saturate and allow the blood stream to carry 15 to 20 times the normal amount of oxygen. Other benefits of HBOT include reduced swelling and improved blood flow in damaged tissue.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy promotes healing by improving circulation and increasing the amount of oxygen the blood stream can carry. Before hyperbaric oxygen therapy is included in a wound treatment plan of care, we offer patients and their families education and assistance with insurance. When patients receive HBOT, they are comfortably enclosed and monitored in a see-through chamber. During treatments, patients are able to watch a television located just outside the chamber, but in many cases, they find the therapy to be peaceful and will settle into a nap.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is available at all four of our wound centers.

Let the Healing Begin

You may be referred to one of our wound care centers by your family physician or another health care provider, but a referral is not required. You or a loved one may call and schedule your first appointment without a referral.

We share your goals for a rapid recovery and return to healthy living, but we need your help. Before starting treatment, please verify coverage with your insurance company. Our staff can help if you have questions. For your initial visit, we ask you to bring:

  • A list of current medications (including aspirin, vitamins, and herbal supplements)
  • Medical records, including X-ray films, if you have them
  • Medical insurance information

Please remember, as a wound care center patient you will continue to see your family doctor or referring health care professional for all of your non-wound related medical care.

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