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Is It Anxiety Disorder?

Get important clues from how your fear affects your life.

Your Guide To Healthy Bones At Every Age

Think good bone health matters only for the elderly? Think again!

My Body Just Doesn’t Feel Right

Your metabolism could be in overdrive. Find out why.

Why Am I So Tired?

Your thyroid may be to blame for those tired legs.

Drug Allergy or Side Effect? Why You Need to Know

Covered in hives? How to tell if it’s serious.

3 Ways to Stay Active with Exercise-Induced Asthma

If asthma makes you huff and puff, don’t let it blow away your will to exercise!

Top 8 Signs of an Asthma Attack

Feeling breathless? Find out when you should be concerned.

How to Know if You Have Seasonal Allergies

Spring is in the air. Is it making you sick?



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Health Tips - Generalized Anxiety Disorder

If you’re consumed with worrying – about finances, family, work, or anything else – and it’s getting in the way of day-to-day life, you may have Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Dr. Anessa Alappatt explains how you can recognize it and how to treat it.

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What are seasonal allergies?

Dr. Anessa Alappatt explains what seasonal allergies are and the symptoms associated with them.

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What is asthma?

 Dr. Anessa Alappatt, a family physician at Premier HealthNet explains asthma and the symptoms associated with it.