One Pot Creamy Tuna and Shells

  • Total: 28 minutes
  • Servings: 6

Your tastebuds will never know that this satisfying, one-pot dish is easy on your budget, too. Try the recipe now!

Spanish Rice

  • Total: 35 minutes

This versatile classic can accompany your Mexican feast, or become a main dish when you add protein. Try the recipe now!

Savory Roasted Cauliflower

  • Total: 30 minutes

Who knew cauliflower could transform into a savory delight? You’ll discover a new vegetable favorite. Try the recipe now!

Split Pea Soup

  • Total: 1 hour, 20 minutes

Hot and hearty, this protein-packed comfort food warms up lunch or dinner on a blustery day. Try the recipe now!