Eat to Win for Athletes

Nutrient-dense foods are key to eating a healthy diet and aiding your body's recovery after a hard workout. Most athletes need 300 to 400 calories of carbohydrates for each hour of intense activity. Learn more about getting the appropriate nutrition for your specific activity by viewing our eat to win infographics.

Easy Meal Ideas on the Go

Get tips on easy meals and snacks that pack a nutritional punch for your athlete by viewing our infographic.

Foods to Avoid for Peak Performance

Vitamins and minerals are important for optimal performance as an athlete. Learn more about the nutrients you need as an active athlete by viewing our infographic

Tips to Gain Muscle and Weight

Looking to build muscle and weight for your sport? Learn more about the best diet to follow if you are an active athlete who wants to gain muscle and weight

Tips to Lose Body Fat

Some athletes need to lose body fat in order to be in optimal shape for their sport. The foods and nutrients you need to lose body fat differ from a plan to gain muscle and weight. Learn more about the proper nutrition for an active athlete who wants to lose body fat.

Tips When Training

Maintaining appropriate nutrient levels during the season is one thing, but you'll need to sustain a diet with the appropriate nutrients for peak performance while you train. Learn more about what you need to eat and drink to remain healthy and strong during athletic training.