Annual Preventative Visits

Annual Preventative Health Visits are a helpful tool for providers to help patients maintain their overall health and well-being. Most insurance plans and Medicare cover annual preventative visits, often at no cost to the patient and are available at nearly every stage of life.

Well Child Visits are intended for patients from birth to 18 years of age and are intended to check growth and development, test vision and hearing starting at age 4, and provide timely vaccinations.

Annual Preventative Physical: Men and Women, 18-65 includes a full physical exam as well the development of a screening plan to help determine a screening plan for the next five to 10 years for blood pressure, cholesterol, breast cancer, sexually transmitted infections, diabetes, depression, addiction, and more. Providers may also use this opportunity to update immunizations and recommend counseling for concerns such as diet, obesity, sexually transmitted infection risk, tobacco use, alcohol misuse, and more.

Well-Woman Visits: Ages 18-64 includes an annual physical and a conversation about a patient’s family and personal health history, and health concerns to help identify and prevent serious health issues. Providers will also develop a screening plan, update immunizations, and recommend counseling if needed.

Welcome to Medicare: Men and Women Turning 65: Medicare will cover a free Welcome to Medicare Visit, at no cost within the first 12 months for patients who have Medicare Part B. This visit enables providers to review a patient’s health history, health concerns, and review your medications and immunizations. Although this visit is not a physical, certain measurements will be taken, such as height, weight, blood pressure, and body mass index. The visit also includes a simple vision test, and a review of patient’s safety and to determine if there are health issues that could become a concern in the future.

Annual Wellness Visit: Men and Women, 65 and Older: Though not an actual physical, patients who have had Medicare Part B for longer than 12 months qualify for this visit to speak with a health care provider about health history and health concerns. Providers will review patient medications and immunizations, and they will complete a “Health Risk Assessment” questionnaire to help determine if any health issues could become a concern in the future.

We ask that you remind your patients to schedule their annual preventative visit.

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