Life-Changing Weight Loss: Bob's Story

Feel Good Magazine     Winter 2022

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Bob Wiggins is always on the go. The 58-year-old Kettering resident works for the United States Postal Service in West Carrollton and loves to boat and fish with his family at nearby lakes.

“For a while, I was walking 12 to 16 miles a day on my mail routes,” says Bob. After being moved to other job assignments, and a few on-the-job injuries, Bob noticed the numbers on the scale beginning to climb.

“I switched from delivering mail to picking it up in two-ton trucks,” says Bob. “When I was on the road, I was eating poorly – lots of pop, caffeine, junk food, and fast food. Eating was a way to keep me occupied on the road. At my worst, I ended up weighing 504 pounds,” explains Bob.

“I had gotten so big that the Post Office pulled me out of all postal vehicles. I was not allowed to drive any of them because I couldn’t fit behind the steering wheel without my stomach being either on top of it or pressed right up against it.”

Finding Support

Bob needed a knee replacement but was told he could not move forward with it due to his weight. Seeking help, he was referred to Premier Weight Loss Solutions.

With locations in Dayton, Englewood, and Liberty Township, the team at Premier Weight Loss Solutions specializes in a number of bariatric surgeries, including the sleeve gastrectomy, Roux-en-Y gastric bypass, and revisional surgeries. Additionally, they offer free monthly virtual weight-loss informational seminars.

“Many times, our services are covered by the patient’s insurance based on their comorbidities, or other health issues,” says Alice Wang, MD, a fellowship-trained bariatric surgeon at Premier Weight Loss Solutions. “Our patients do not have to be referred by a doctor. There are many times when patients are self-referred.”

Taking Control

After taking advantage of the free weight-loss seminars and support groups, and consulting with his bariatric surgeon, Bob decided that having the gastric sleeve procedure at Miami Valley Hospital was his best option.

After his surgery, Bob says he was elated by the results. “It was quite amazing,” he remembers. “They got me up as quickly as possible to begin walking the halls. I couldn’t believe how big of a difference I felt.”

Bob is well on his way to reaching his ideal weight of 235 pounds. “I’ve taken everything I’ve learned and applied it to reaching my goal,” says Bob. “I’m doing meal preps, continuing to exercise, and taking weight loss advice.”

“Seeing Bob’s results is incredible,” says Anne Kroger, PA-C, a board-certified physician assistant at Premier Weight Loss Solutions. “He has such a good attitude and is willing to try anything we recommend in helping him in his weight loss journey.”

Back on the Road

At 289 pounds, Bob was cleared to move forward with his orthopedic knee surgery. He’s also back on the road, driving his two-ton mail truck around the Miami Valley. “I’m not going back to the way I was before,” says Bob. “I’m eating right and aware of my calorie and protein intake.”

“It’s extremely gratifying to see patients have the results Bob has experienced,” says Dr. Wang. “It’s truly a privilege to help someone have an improved quality of life.”

Bob credits the team at Premier Weight Loss Solutions with helping him regain his freedom. “I can’t give them big enough kudos for being caring, loving, and very attentive and helpful. They’ve made the process so easy and wonderful for me.”

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