Surgical Solutions

As part of your weight loss journey, you and your surgeon will decide together what is the best type of weight loss surgery for you. Your decision will balance important factors, such as:

  • The amount of weight you need to lose
  • Related medical conditions
  • Your personal preference

Types of Weight Loss Surgery

There are three approaches to weight loss (bariatric) surgery: 

It’s important to consider how each type of procedure will require you to change your lifestyle and eating habits. There are also different risks associated with each procedure. Spend some time learning the advantages and disadvantages of the various procedures. Then, when you attend one of our free weight loss information sessions, you’ll be ready to ask questions.

Laparoscopic Procedures 

The vast majority of our weight loss surgeries are laparoscopic procedures, operations performed with special tools through small holes in your skin. Instead of one large incision, our surgeon makes a few small holes in your abdomen and inserts surgical tools and a small video camera through the holes. This method allows our physicians to see exactly what they’re doing and work with great precision. 

With smaller incisions, you usually heal faster, have smaller scars, and have less risk of complications. 

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