Rheumatology Practices

Chronic pain in your joints or muscles can be a sign of rheumatic disease caused by wear and tear, swelling, or your immune system attacking parts of your body. Premier Physician Network’s rheumatologists, who specialize in identifying and treating joint and muscle disease, can help you.

Our physicians have in-depth training in more than 100 rheumatic diseases. Some of the most common conditions they treat include lupus, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, rheumatoid arthritis, and vasculitis syndromes (inflammation of the blood vessels).

Why Premier Physician Network’s Rheumatology?

You can count on our rheumatology experts for many reasons:

Experienced Specialists

Our fellowship-trained rheumatologists know effective treatment begins with an accurate diagnosis. They carefully listen to you, examine you, and order appropriate lab tests or imaging tests (such as X-ray) to help confirm your diagnosis.

Advanced Treatments

Our rheumatology team applies advanced treatment strategies and offers in-office infusion services for the convenience of those who need intravenous (IV) therapies.

Personalized Care

We understand the challenges of living with a chronic, rheumatic disease and feel great compassion and respect for you and your health concerns. To help you achieve optimal physical and mental health, we work with you on lifestyle issues, such as diet, exercise and counseling.

Connection To an Entire Physician Network 

As needed, we collaborate with other specialists in the Premier Physician Network to find answers that enhance your quality of life.

Our Rheumatology Practices