Jessica’s Story: How Atrium Shared in the Joy of My Family

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Jessica Short chose Atrium Medical Center for the delivery of all four of her children. She’s confident Atrium was the right place to begin and grow her family. “They know what they’re doing at Atrium. They are always researching and advancing,” she says.

Casey Boyce, MD, cared for Jessica during her third and fourth pregnancies. The two women clicked immediately. “From the beginning, Jessica and I got along great,” says Dr. Boyce. I think we share a lot of the same values and morals.”

Jessica told Dr. Boyce she wanted a natural childbirth without an epidural. Not only did she have the support of her physician, Jessica had the support of the entire team at the Atrium Family Birth Center.

Cathie Channell, a registered nurse at Atrium, explains, “Our job as labor and delivery nurses is to support the mother’s choices for her childbirth experience. It is a family affair. We support the mother and everyone she wants to include in the birthing experience.”

Jessica beams as she talks about the caring atmosphere at Atrium Medical Center. “They make you feel like your baby is special and your experience here is special.” Jessica recalls the staff’s excitement as they shared in the joy of her new baby. “It’s so great to see doctors and nurses, who deliver babies every day, look at a baby and still see the beauty in it.”

Because Dr. Boyce delivered Jessica’s last two children, she and Jessica have had plenty of time to get to know each other. “She is the most down-to-earth person,” says Jessica.

Dr. Boyce voices fondness for Jessica as well. “She fits in well with the close-knit group at Atrium. I just really enjoyed taking care of Jessica while she was pregnant and felt privileged to be able to be there for one of the best days of her life.”

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