Education and Support

Having a baby is an exciting time for you and your family. Premier Health helps you prepare for the big day with a wide range of education and support. We continue to support you and your growing family even after your baby is born.

Childbirth And Family Education Classes

There’s so much to learn in the months before you deliver. Our informative childbirth and family education classes are taught by educators who are registered nurses certified in childbirth education. They have years of experience guiding expectant families like yours through every phase of the birth process.

Pricing varies, with most classes ranging from $30 to $60. Classes offered include:

  • Childbirth/Hospital Tours (free)
  • Childbirth Preparation Series* (four consecutive weeks)
  • Weekend Blitz Condensed Childbirth Preparation Class*
  • Natural Beginnings Childbirth Class
  • Family Beginnings Refresher Class
  • Multiple Miracles Childbirth Class (Two-week class at Miami Valley Hospital)
  • Natural Beginnings Birth Center Orientation Class (Atrium Medical Center)
  • Family Beginnings Birth Center Orientation Class (Miami Valley Hospital)
  • Breastfeeding Success
  • Caring for Your Amazing Newborn
  • Big Brothers/Big Sisters Class

* Meets requirement for Family Beginnings Birth Center childbirth preparation class.

A Parent's Guide To Preparing For Baby

At Premier Health, we want to make sure you and your baby are off to the best start possible. We've developed A Parent’s Guide to Preparing for Baby to help you understand what to expect before, during, and after your delivery and to help relieve some of the anxieties that come along with preparing for a new baby. In addition, we've included information on pregnancy and infant safety, as well as specialty services we offer to enhance your birthing experience.

Breastfeeding Support For You and Your Baby

Premier Health offers a wide range of breastfeeding support before, during and after your hospital stay. This includes International Board Certified Lactation Consultants – all of whom are registered nurse – who compassionately guide you in this special journey with your baby. From classes to one-on-one breastfeeding and pumping support, we are dedicated to helping you and your baby thrive.

Safe Sleep For Your Baby

Your baby's well-being is important to us. All Premier Health hospitals are committed to helping parents and caregivers understand safe sleep practices so your baby sleeps safe from the start. By learning and following safe sleep tips, you and those caring for your baby can reduce the risk of Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID), which is caused by suffocation or accidents during sleep, as well as other known factors associated with Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

An effort at Atrium Medical Center, The PIERCE Project (Protecting Infants Early Reduces Catastrophic Events), is specifically focused on reducing the risks of SIDS through education and awareness.

Online Nursery

Premier Health offers Bella Baby Photography to all families that deliver in our hospitals. We will provide you with a password so you and your family may view a slideshow of your baby on the Bella Baby Photography website.

Nutrition Services

Our Nutrition Services staff provides delicious, well-balanced meals during your hospital stay. Following assessment of individual dietary needs, a licensed dietitian may be consulted.

Additional Support

  • Social worker – If needed during your stay, we can connect you with a social worker who can provide counsel on personal, financial, insurance, social, emotional, or environmental issues. 
  • Pastoral care counselor – A highly-trained, diverse group of professionally-educated chaplains representing many faith traditions is available 24/7.  
  • Postpartum depression resources – Many new mothers experience unfamiliar feelings after the birth of their babies, often referred to as baby blues. If you experience symptoms of postpartum depression, share them with your care team so we can assist you in obtaining timely support. 

Fidelity Health Care: Home Care to Help You Transition

Support doesn’t stop when you leave the hospital. Fidelity Health Care provides at-home support for you and your newborn. Registered nurses are trained in obstetrics and infant care. During their visit, they will carefully assess you and your baby and answer questions about caring for your newborn. Nurses will also show you how to detect early symptoms of health issues.

Services include:

  • Follow-up visits after you deliver and leave the hospital
  • Follow-up visits for infants discharged from the Special Care Nursery or Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Phototherapy light setup (if ordered by your physician for the treatment of jaundice)
  • IV fluids for nausea and vomiting

Fidelity Health Care also can support you with mother and infant care products. Caring staff will ease your mind by working with your health insurance plan to verify your coverage. Available products include:

  • Breast pumps
  • Newborn phototherapy and BiliCheck units (for jaundice)
  • Home oxygen
  • Oxygen saturation monitors

Before Your Baby Arrives During COVID-19

Changes in Premier Health maternity center tours, childbirth education classes, and doctor visits have been made to protect pregnant moms from COVID-19. Learn more.

Your Baby's Birth During COVID-19

Protecting moms and their newborns from COVID-19 is crucial. Some changes at Premier Health hospitals have been made to ensure everyone stays safe and healthy. Learn more.

Childbirth Support From Those You Love During COVID-19

Pregnant moms want support from loved ones during and after delivery while staying safe from COVID-19. Learn the policies for visitors and support people.

Keeping You Safe During COVID-19

You will find new safety measures in place when you schedule appointments and come to our facilities — all with the goal of keeping you safe as we care for you.

Contact Us

If you’re pregnant or thinking of becoming pregnant, call (937) 208-BABY (2229)(937) 208-BABY (2229) to speak with one of our knowledgeable maternity advisors. They can explain our services, help you find a physician or certified nurse midwife, schedule free tours, and provide registration for childbirth, breastfeeding, and family education classes.

Call today and let us help guide you through your parenthood journey. Visit our locations page to find a Premier Health maternity center near you and for additional contact information.