Family Beginnings Birthing Center at Miami Valley Hospital

Family Beginnings Birthing Center at Miami Valley Hospital

A Natural Approach to Childbirth

A natural childbirth room at Miami Valley Hospital in Dayton, Ohio

At Miami Valley Hospital, we believe childbirth is a natural, healthy and life-changing event. We believe women are empowered and strengthened through childbirth. Miami Valley Hospital’s Family Beginnings Birth Center offers a natural childbirth experience that focuses on family involvement and wellness and supports the natural process of birth. 

Whether it is your midwife or our dedicated nursing staff they specially trained to assist, support, and guide women and their families through the process of natural childbirth. The Family Beginnings program uses movement, positioning, and hydrotherapy (water) to help expectant mothers cope with labor and birth. 

Labor and Birth Care

A nurse assesses a woman during natural childbirth

At Family Beginnings, women can have the birth experience they desire, including:

  • Labor and birth support with labor-coping interventions
  • An environment fostering self-responsibility and family empowerment
  • Water birth and hydrotherapy
  • Doppler monitoring of baby’s heart beat
  • Family-centered care with non-separation of mother and newborn
  • Emergency medical care and a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) just down the hall, should unexpected complications arise
A woman during natural childbirth, in a birthing tub, assisted by a nurse and a man.

At Family Beginnings, labor and birth take place in a home-like setting with family present, whether you’re having a water birth or laboring in a comfortable queen-size bed. We believe the birth of a child sustains and supports the family, so it is only natural that the family – husband, partner, grandparents and children – be involved, as well.


Program enrollment is required to use the Family Beginnings Birthing Center at Miami Valley Hospital. View requirements. 



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