Bethany and Jeremy’s Story:  Compassionate Journey to Twins

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When Bethany and Jeremy Brown talk about taking care of their twins, born Dec. 4, 2014, they say it’s easier than taking care of their two oldest boys as infants, who were born 13 months apart. “This is easier because they both need the same things right now, but when the older boys were small, they were always at different stages,” Jeremy remembers.

The Browns are parents to five children — Elijah, 8; Silas, 7; Noah, 5; and infant fraternal twins, Mathias and Madison. Now, Bethany says, youngest sibling Madison has four brothers to teach her about the world and take care of her.

The journey from mother of three to mother of five wasn’t without difficulties, with Bethany experiencing two miscarriages before the twins were born. In 2013, just weeks after moving to Ohio from Georgia, Bethany was supported through her first miscarriage by her family and her newfound care providers at Atrium Medical Center. A second miscarriage followed, leaving the young parents second-guessing their decision to expand their family. “I especially didn’t think we should try again,” Jeremy remembers, concerned for his wife’s health and emotional well-being.

Knowing Bethany was apprehensive about another pregnancy, Juan Reina, MD, one of the physicians at Atrium who cared for her, offered testing to be sure there were no physical issues. Bethany’s test results showed no problems. “We found all of our new doctors and nurses to be respectful and supportive. We felt like they really cared about us. Even for me as the dad, they asked if I had any questions. They are so helpful and compassionate,” Jeremy says. But even after the testing confirmed there were no physical problems, the two young parents were still unsure.

Vision Becomes Reality

Then one day, Bethany posed a question to her husband: “‘How do you know if God is telling you something, or if it’s just something you want, because I’ve had a feeling we would have twins…but maybe we’ll adopt.” Not long after, she was pregnant, and at the eight-week ultrasound, they discovered there would be two additions to the family. “We both cried,” Bethany recalls. “Then Jeremy was like, ‘Yes!  Bring it on.’”

Toward the end of Bethany’s pregnancy, at 32 weeks, the scare they were praying to avoid became a reality — she started having contractions. To add to her worry, Jeremy was more than 1,800 miles away on a work retreat. She was admitted to Atrium Medical Center, then transferred to Miami Valley Hospital where her physicians worked with Jiri Sonek, MD, a maternal-fetal medicine specialist. Jeremy made it back before she was released in good health and with her premature labor controlled. The next goal was for her to reach 34 weeks.

Greg Siewny, MD, an Atrium-based physician, greeted the Browns at Bethany’s 34-week visit, and there was an immediate connection. “We wanted to have our twins as naturally as possible, and Dr. Siewny was very encouraging. He was an advocate and told me I could go as natural as possible,” Bethany says.  

Bethany was able to deliver Mathias and Madison at Atrium via traditional vaginal delivery at 38 weeks. “I feel very lucky to have been able to deliver her babies,” Dr. Siewny says. “Once Bethany’s premature labor was taken care of, we worked to ensure the most natural childbirth experience we could give her.”  Experiencing contractions eight weeks from a due date is common with twins, Dr. Siewny explains, “but we wanted to keep the babies in the womb as long as possible to stave off any potential breathing and developmental problems.”  

A Defining Moment

Born just over 10 minutes apart, the twins were healthy – Madison weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces, and Mathias outdid her at 6 pounds, 12 ounces. Even after 33 years of delivering babies, Dr. Siewny marveled at Bethany’s delivery. “This was the most incredible twins delivery ever. She was just a tremendous patient,” he says of Bethany.

Jeremy, with his wife throughout her delivery, credited the nurses at Atrium for making their experience extraordinary. “We felt like we were being treated as well as they’d treat their own family members,” he says, and Bethany concurs. “The quality of the facility was very high, and everyone made us feel comfortable. The nurses put me completely at ease. It was like two of my best girlfriends walked into the room,” she adds.

Veteran parents even though they’re both only 30 years old, the Browns seem unfazed by the addition of two more tiny family members, working in unison to meet everyone’s needs. Bethany and Jeremy laughed together as they talked about the “help” they receive from their older children.

“They love the babies,” Bethany says. “As soon as they come into the house after school, they’re asking about the twins, wanting to hold them and play with them. Everyone’s doing well.”

The Browns leaned on each other during their difficult time but are quick to graciously offer credit to Dr. Siewny and all of the Premier Health care providers who supported them. “The whole journey has been challenging, but now we’re holding two healthy babies,” Jeremy says. “An experience like this can define you or be a defining moment. It’s made us better people, parents, husband and wife.”

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