Shoulder and Elbow Care at Premier Orthopedics

If your swing has stiffened or you’re reluctant to reach, these are some of the very common signs that shoulder or elbow pain is getting in the way of your active life. The specialists at Premier Orthopedics offer the skilled expertise to manage your shoulder and elbow issues from simple wear and tear to complex injury and diseases such as arthritis.

We carefully evaluate the condition of your joint, your range of motion and pain to recommend a personalized care plan to relieve your pain and get you moving again. In many cases, non-surgical therapies can take you to your goal. 

When surgery is needed, we offer a wide range of specialized procedures from minimally invasive options to full or partial shoulder and elbow replacements. If they are right for your condition, less invasive procedures can often result in less pain and faster recovery than traditional approaches.

Shoulder and elbow problems know no age limit. Whether they are limiting your daily life or the activities you enjoy, our team provides tailored-to-you care across Southwest Ohio.

Shoulder and Elbow Conditions and Services We Offer Include

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