A Pain-Relieving Alternative to Joint Surgery

The joint specialists of Premier Orthopedics offer a new outpatient procedure that can help you avoid or delay knee or hip replacement surgery. The procedure, subchondroplasty, strengthens vital bones in joints, relieves arthritis-related pain and improves joint function and mobility.

Subchondroplasty works best for patients diagnosed with joint pain related to bone marrow lesions, or microscopic breakdown of subchondral bone – bone just below the cartilage in a joint.

A toothpaste-like substance is injected into the lesions, guided by X-ray images. The substance hardens over a two-year period, becoming a part of the bone.

The procedure relieves pain for many patients, allowing them to avoid or delay a knee or hip replacement for up to two years. 

To help determine if you are a candidate for subchondroplasty, Premier Orthopedics uses imaging technologies to detect bone lesions or rule out other possible sources of joint pain. 

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