Bladder and Pelvic Health

Having a bladder or pelvic health issue can be uncomfortable in more ways than one. Aside from your physical pain or discomfort, you may inevitably feel embarrassed or a little uneasy to share your story. Take comfort in knowing that you most certainly are not alone. Millions of Americans have had experience with a bladder or pelvic floor medical issue and certainly countless more have had issues that are undocumented. We see numerous people every day in our offices just like you and we know we can help.

At Lifestages, we believe in providing our patients the most comprehensive care and latest technology available. That’s why we created Lifestages Women’s Center for Bladder and Pelvic Health. This center is dedicated to providing the most compassionate and advanced care for those experiencing urinary leakage and pelvic organ slippage (prolapse). Best of all, our center is able to combine the expertise of the Lifestages medical team with the resources of Miami Valley Hospital and Miami Valley Hospital South to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.

The Lifestages Women’s Center for Bladder and Pelvic Health offers:

  • Personal care from physicians, nurses and technicians with extensive training in women’s bladder and pelvic health
  • Multidisciplinary care, including physical therapy and nutrition counseling
  • Access to advanced diagnostic technology
  • Multiple treatment options for a full range of bladder and pelvic conditions

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