Spine and Back Care at CNSI

Spine and back conditions can result from a number of causes. Discomfort can follow an injury, or conditions such as arthritis or spinal and compression fractures may develop as bones and tissues wear and deteriorate over time. Issues with the spine can accompany diseases or illnesses such as arachnoid cysts, chiari malformation, or spinal stenosis. 

At the CNSI Spine and Back Center, our skilled, board-certified physicians and professional staff are specially trained in the diagnosis and treatment of spine and back conditions. Our integrated, multidisciplinary approach to care is in place to help our patients receive the comprehensive treatment they need to manage their individual condition.

Conditions We Treat

Our experienced and professional team of board-certified specialists and providers are educated and trained in the diagnosis and treatment of a broad scope of spine and back conditions, including:

Diagnosing Spine and Back Conditions

Some types of back pain may improve on their own, but the discomfort may be a sign of a more serious problem. Spine and back conditions can be the result of an injury, of bone and tissue deterioration due to age, or of a disease or illness.

At the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Spine and Back Center, we work to provide comprehensive diagnostic care to find the source of your discomfort. Diagnosis may involve a review of your symptoms and medical history, a physical examination, and certain tests.

How We Treat Spine and Back Conditions

Treating your spine and back condition depends on the diagnosis. Some spine and back conditions respond to physical therapy and exercise, while others require additional interventions. At the Clinical Neuroscience Institute’s Spine and Back Center, our specialists and providers will implement non-invasive treatment methods before considering any other options.

Certain medications, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), may be useful in alleviating back pain resulting from conditions such as arthritis. Relaxation and strengthening activities such as yoga and tai-chi may also relieve the discomfort in your back. Nutritional changes, chiropractic therapy, or acupuncture may also be effective in treating your spine or back conditions. In some cases, surgery may be a necessary option to manage your spine or back condition.