Invested in Prevention

When serious accidents happen locally, Premier Health is poised

to care for the critically injured. Just as vital are the health system’s trauma outreach and preventative efforts – steps taken to keep residents safe and out of harm’s way in the first place.

“Premier Health sees prevention as part of its mission to improve the health of the communities we serve,” said Darin Pangalangan, MD, chair of Premier Health’s Emergency and Trauma Institute. “As a health system that includes the region’s only Level I trauma center, we’re ready when an emergency happens. But we also want citizens to be prepared to make wise choices when they find themselves in an environment in which their health could be put at risk.”

Prevention programs target the pervasive causes of trauma seen at Premier Health – among them distracted and drunk driving, as well as falls in the home.

Premier Health's Outreach Efforts Include:

  • “On the Road/On the Farm,” an outreach program developed by CareFlight Air and Mobile Services in conjunction with the trauma program at Miami Valley Hospital. The program provides relevant education for EMS and pre-hospital care providers throughout the region. A trauma surgeon from Miami Valley Hospital’s Level I trauma center leads a trauma case review featuring actual cases transported from the host county to the hospital. On the Farm focuses on farming accidents. Through lectures, hands-on simulation and a panel discussion, participants learn how to manage farm accidents, the extrication tools required, and priorities for patient care.
  • Premier Health’s mobile education lab provides interactive training inside a 40-foot-long mobile home outfitted with realistic trauma bay and ambulance areas. The lab is equipped with a human patient simulator – an anatomically correct adult mannequin that interacts with training participants. A video component gives multiple trainees a hands-on experience and lets them watch their peers in action.
  • CareFlight and Premier Health’s trauma programs coordinate and participate in “Drive Smart.” This high school program highlights the risks, ramifications and resources involved when drivers are distracted or impaired by drugs or alcohol. Area dispatchers, fire, and EMS agencies, local law enforcement agencies, local funeral homes and the county coroner volunteer their time. These efforts present a realistic portrayal of a devastating motor vehicle collision, the rescue efforts, and the physical and emotional impact on the victims.

“We recognize and take seriously our responsibilities to the community as Southwest Ohio’s largest health system,” said Candy Skidmore, vice president of service integration for emergency, trauma and CareFlight at Premier Health. “We are always looking for new opportunities to work with local EMS agencies to promote safe, responsible behaviors.”