Tim McGraw's Concert Collapse Spotlights Proper Hydration

Premier Health Now

When it comes to maintaining our overall health, it could be argued that we largely underestimate and overlook the importance of routine water consumption, even though a significant portion of our body is made up of the stuff.

Paying closer attention to how much water we drink is important since it can have a significant impact on our daily health and well-being. This was demonstrated dramatically when news broke that country music superstar Tim McGraw recently collapsed onstage during a concert stop in Dublin, Ireland. Dehydration was reported as one of the leading causes, though a number of reasons could have been responsible for this unfortunate event.

Premier Health Now spoke with family practitioner Mark Williams, MD, of Beavercreek Family Medicine to ask about the importance of staying properly hydrated.

Drinking a Toast to Your Health

“Hydration status varies, depending on a person’s age, weight and what time of the year it is, among other factors,” says Dr. Williams. “But a general rule I give patients is to drink enough water so they are urinating four or five times a day.”

Dr. Williams also recommends beginning each day by drinking an eight-ounce glass of water. Healthy habits like this are important, since our body’s natural triggers for thirst tend to diminish as we age. And we’re often exposed to dry air throughout the year, which can rob our body of much-needed moisture. Caffeine and alcohol consumption can also lead to dehydration if water intake isn’t properly maintained.

“Though there could be a number of reasons for Tim McGraw’s collapse, failing to drink enough water could have certainly played a significant role in causing it to happen,” says Dr. Williams.