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If you’re living with diabetes, you’ll need to make lifestyle changes and regularly monitor your condition. The goal of our diabetes centers is to provide you with the tools to successfully self-manage your diabetes.

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Diabetes Support Group

We invite you and a guest to join us on the second Tuesday of each month (September through May) for diabetes support, fellowship, and FREE diabetes education. Speakers cover the many aspects of living with diabetes and its effects on your body and your life. The group meets from 5 to 6 p.m. at the Miami Valley Hospital Diabetes Center. 

Search “diabetes support group” to find when the support group meets next.

Diabetes Education Classes Through Miami Valley Hospital

Miami Valley Hospital offers several classes on managing diabetes. We offer one-on-one sessions with a diabetes nurse educator for your specific needs. Also, we offer some evening and weekend classes for your convenience. Many patients living with diabetes long-term continue to attend our education programs.

Here are some of our most popular classes:

The Comprehensive Series

This series of classes is for patients who are newly-diagnosed and new to diabetes treatment, or who have never had formal diabetes education. This is a series of three classes that progressively develop self-management skills. It provides an overview of the disease and is a primer for lifestyle changes. Certified diabetes educators teach these classes.

Advanced Carb-Counting

This class provides information on monitoring and planning a diet based on reduced carbohydrates — because diet is so crucial for managing diabetes.

Insulin Start

This individualized training provides patients with information on the basics of insulin, what it does and when and how to perform injections.

Multiple Daily Injection (MDI)

This individualized training teaches patients the intricacies of insulin injection and intensive insulin management.

Annual Update – Ongoing Diabetes Education

Each year, we offer an annual update on diabetes management presented by a dietitian, a certified diabetes educator and a registered nurse. The update focuses on addressing common roadblocks to making improvements in healthy eating, physical activity, and glucose monitoring.

Additional Classes

  • Medication management
  • Pump therapy education and training
  • Medical nutrition therapy
  • Self-care and self-management training
  • Group and individual education
  • Gestational diabetes management

Facilitators discuss the need for exercise in many classes. As needed, the staff also holds group or one-on-one classes with patients.

Diabetes Education Classes Through Upper Valley Medical Center

Upper Valley Medical Center offers educational sessions people with diabetes, their families and significant others.

These sessions include:

  • Self-monitoring techniques
  • Medication
  • Diet
  • Exercise
  • Complications
  • Foot care

Fidelity Health Care: Home Care for Diabetes

Meeting patients’ specific needs is the goal of Fidelity Health Care. Our clinicians provide customized, at-home diabetes education and diabetes care designed around the patient. The education Fidelity Health Care provides follows American Diabetes Association guidelines.

Education may include:

  • Insulin administration
  • Use of a glucose meter
  • Diet teaching
  • Basic diabetes survival skills

A doctor’s order is required for Fidelity Health Care diabetes care and/or lab work.

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