Maps and Parking

Campus and Building Maps

Digital campus maps are now available to help patients and visitors navigate their way to any location within Miami Valley Hospital. Campus Maps provide interactive wayfinding that is searchable, linkable and user-friendly on any smartphone, tablet or computer. The maps are web-based, so all you need is an internet connection to access them – there is nothing to download or purchase.

With Campus Maps, you can:

  • Plan for your hospital visit, including the best place to park and the best route to where you need to go
  • Make it easier to navigate the hospital and locate your destination
  • Find cafeterias, coffee, gift shops and other amenities, such as ATMs and vending machines, when you’re at the hospital
  • Search by a room number or unit name to quickly find a loved one
  • Track your location to guide you to your location as you move through the hospital
  • Specify if you need wheelchair accessible routes
  • Share directions with family and friends who may be joining you at the hospital

Parking Information

Miami Valley Hospital has several conveniently located parking garages. Our main garage is located near the main entrance of the hospital. It can be reached by following Wyoming Street into the main entrance of the hospital. The Apple Street garage is located on Apple Street and has a walkway for easy access to the main hospital.

Note: The surface parking lot between the Apple Street garage and Main St. is privately owned. A garage located off Wyoming Street is reserved specifically for patients and visitors using our Emergency Trauma Center and Surgery Center services. Please look for our signage to all of these parking facilities.


Miami Valley Hospital's daily parking rate is $5 regardless of the amount of time you are at the hospital.

Parking Reservations

If you plan to visit the hospital for multiple days, consider making a parking reservation in advance to save time. Booking your parking reservation is quick and easy. Follow the steps below to make your reservation.  

  1. Select the date and time
  2. Select the parking option by clicking the garage name (parking reservation only valid for the garage you select)
  3. Complete payment information

*Please note, if you have a prior validation code, please enter it to exit the garage.


  • What happens if the cameras read the license plate number reads incorrectly?
    • QR code/pass from reservation can be scanned at the Terminal to open the gate. 
  • What happens if you drive a different car?
    • QR code/pass from reservation can be scanned at the Terminal to open the gate. 

Special Services

  • If you or your visitor have difficulty walking to and from the garage, please use one of the telephones located in the elevator lobby of the garage to request wheelchair assistance.
  • Security escort service is also available. If you need assistance, use the telephones located in the elevator lobby or ask one of our information desk representatives.

If you have any questions about our parking policy, please contact the Department of Consumer Relations at (937) 208-2666(937) 208-2666.

Learn more with our digital campus map.

Bus Transportation

To reach Miami Valley Hospital, take the #5, #7, #11, #14, #16, or #17 bus. Visit or call (937) 425-8300(937) 425-8300 for the most up-to-date routing information.