News Briefs: Fertility Center Now Open

2001FertilityCenter_01After months of renovation, the Miami Valley Hospital Fertility Center has opened its doors in the Berry Women’s Health Pavilion. Benefits of the renovation include:

  • A separate, private entrance for patients
  • Private waiting area to ensure patient confidentiality
  • Larger, more private ultrasound room
  • Larger procedure room to better accommodate equipment and staff

Editor’s Note

In the last issue of ProHealth (Vol. 21 – No. 3, 2001), we published an article highlighting the career of the Fertility Center’s recently retired medical director. Within the article, we reported the Fertility Center’s 2001 success rate was 51 percent as compared to 31 percent nationally. To further clarify, the Fertility Center’s 2001 success rate was based on success being defined as a clinical pregnancy per embryo transfer for all age groups of fresh non-donor patients. See definition of a clinical pregnancy and other related terms below. This success rate was compared to the 1999 national statistic of 31 percent for clinical pregnancies per cycle for all age groups of fresh non-donor patients.

Comparing 1999 and 2001 statistics, as well as per cycle and per embryo transfer can be misleading. We apologize for any confusion with this information; however, comparable 2001 national success rates are not available at this time.

The best measure of ultimate success, however, may not be a “clinical pregnancy,” since unfortunately many pregnancies end in miscarriages. To remove as much confusion as possible, success rates are better reported in terms of “live births per assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycle initiated” and “live births per egg retrieval procedure.”

Unfortunately, we are unable to report the number of live births for our Fertility Center’s patients who became pregnant in 2001 because many of them have not yet delivered their babies.

A comparison of clinic success rates may not be meaningful because patient medical characteristics and treatment approaches may vary from clinic to clinic. The best way to learn more about fertility options is to speak with fertility specialist.

The MVH Fertility Center staff welcomes your questions and can be reached at 208-2120. You can also learn more about ART by visiting the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART).


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