Video: Reaching the Summit!

12,500 feet is a long way to beat the heat!

Video: Oh the Places You'll Go!

Oh what a difference a year (or two) makes!

Video: The View from the Top

All that hard work payed off!

Video: Making a Splash!

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Video: This is What It's All Been For!

What does Dr. Jenny crave more than Combos?

Video: The Hartsock's Hit the Road!

Is Dr. Jenny ready to climb that mountain?

Video: Don't Let the Scale be your Bully!

Avoid “scale frustration” with some alternative ways of measuring progress.

Video: My body can do things I Never Dreamed Of!

It may not be Mt. Everest but Dr. Jenny still feels like she’s soaring anyway!

Finding Your Size? Good Luck with That!

“Vanity sizing” has Jenny baffled!

Jumping into a New Workout!

Dr. Jenny is feeling like a kid again!

Video: Getting Hyped for the Trip!

Hiking trails here we come!

Video: See the Transformation!

Sometimes the mirror says more than the numbers!