Video: I Did It!

Another milestone crushed!

Video: It's All About Perspective

Keeping it positive can make all the difference.

Video: I'm No Longer Obese!

She’s not stopping now!

Video: Reaching Goal #1!!

The scale finally caught up.

Video: It is SO Worth It!

You CAN change your life.

Video: The Dreaded Plateau

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Keep exercising but give your knees a break.

Video: Revelation at the Mall

Dr. Jenny has an epiphany, of sorts, in the fitting room.

Video: Puddle Jumping

It’s great to get outside no matter what the weather!

Video: Early Morning Obstacles

First on the trail is great except for…spider webs!

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Sometimes you should just go to bed!

Video: What Are Your Joints Saying?

Listen to what Dr. Jenny’s joints have to say.

Video: Embrace Each Day!

Don’t let stretch marks and cellulite get you down!

Video: Up Those Steps!

“If you don’t push yourself you’ll never get anywhere!”

Video: The Downward Dog

Can a yoga pose help you gain strength and flexibility?