Video: Small Victories

Fitting in a small seat is kind of a big deal!

Are You Making Yourself a Priority?

Is making time for yourself really selfish?

Video: Sometimes You Have to Listen to Your Body

Finding a way to deal with your Achilles’ heel.

Video: Giving Those Old Moves a New Life

Spike and crush those weight loss hurdles!

Video: Conquering Your Fear

Dr. Jenny is taking it to the street.

Facing Our Flaws

Don’t let your demons control your life!

Video: Stairpacolypse II!

Does that trek up the stairs ever get easier?

Video: Working Out When it Works for You

Would you get up at 4 a.m. to work out?

Video: Pamper Yourself

A trip to the spa may be just what you need!

Video: Exploring Nature

Get outside and explore for your health!

Video: Hiking in Caesar Creek State Park

Hiking a new trail can lead to new adventure (and a lot of mud)!

Video: Meeting Your Goals Feels Great!

Nothing matches the feeling of meeting that first goal!

Video: Just One of Those Days.

Some days it’s just hard to keep your chin up.

Video: Caught Dancing

Dr. Jenny gets her groove on.

Video: Nemesis Conquered

Dr. Jenny surprises even herself!