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Painful Sex? Vaginismus Could Be the Culprit

Consult your doctor about help to relieve your pain.

Your Sex Life When Things Change “Down There”

Incontinence and prolapse don’t mean the end of your sex life

Pillow Talk: Be Open About Bladder Issues

Open communication relieves stress and restores confidence.

When Is It Time to See My Doctor about Bladder and Pelvic Health Issues?

Urinary incontinence and pelvic health issues are not a normal part of aging.

There’s Hope! Treatments for Common Bladder and Pelvic Floor Issues

Don’t let embarrassment stand in the way of better pelvic health.

Is It Harmful to “Hold It”?

There’s no need to worry about effects of holding a full bladder — as long as it’s not too long, too often.



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Janelle's Story

It’s a topic that’s usually discussed in hushed tones, laughed off as part of the aging process for women, or ignored altogether. Common but not normal, female urinary incontinence affects about 30-40% of all women, and that number rises to around 50% for women over age 55. After more than 20 years of ignoring her problem, Janelle Phillips, 54, decided it was time to do something about it.

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How can I prevent pelvic organ prolapse?

Dr. William Rush explains pelvic organ prolapse.

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Is there a danger that pelvic organ prolapse is an indicator of something else?

Dr. William Rush discusses the relationship between pelvic organ prolapse and other disorders.

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What are the risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse?

Dr. William Rush talks about the risk factors for pelvic organ prolapse.