Local Physician Participates in World Masters Games 

Jon Sulentic, DO, a sports medicine physician with Premier Orthopedics, recently returned from competing in the World Masters Games (WM) in Auckland, New Zealand.  The games are the world's largest multi-sport event and this year's event had over 28,000 athletes from more than 100 countries competing in 30 Olympic sports.  The World Masters Games, sanctioned by the International Olympic Committee, are held every four years in the Olympic format, including a formal opening and closing ceremonies and the parade of athletes. These masters events are segregated by age group but have no age limitation and this year, the oldest athlete was an amazing 101 years old lady from India who competed in track and field events.  

Dr. Sulentic is an accomplished soccer player who was recruited to play for Balmain FC of Sydney, Australia for the 50+ team. Due to injuries in the squad, he also played in the 40+ division.  Although former bronze medalist in the last WM games, this year Balmain finished in the quarterfinals.  While the team did not medal this year, Dr. Sulentic was very proud to be awarded by the team, both the Golden Boot award, given to the highest goal scorer and the Golden Ball trophy, awarded to the man of the match for the tournament.  

At 50 years of age, Dr. Sulentic loves to compete and says soccer helps him stay fit and is a great way to stay connected with like-minded people who no matter what their age or skill set, want to maintain a competitive and active lifestyle.  Unfortunately for many athletes, especially as they get older, they may struggle with staying active because of both traumatic and overuse injuries.  This fact was the motivation for Dr. Sulentic to enter the field of medicine.  In his late twenties when multiple sport injuries and surgeries kept him from pursuing a career in sports, he went to medical school and ultimately chose sports medicine so that he could help athletes and active people of all ages work through their frustrations of being injured and hopefully quickly return them back to an active lifestyle and reach their goals as an athlete. Dr. Sulentic is one of several physicians at Premier Orthopedics who are dedicated to this mission and look forward to helping improve the orthopedic health of our community.

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