Maps and Parking

Campus and Building Maps

Digital campus maps are now available to help patients and visitors navigate their way to any location within Upper Valley Medical Center. Campus Maps provide interactive wayfinding that is searchable, linkable and user-friendly on any smartphone, tablet or computer. The maps are web-based, so all you need is an internet connection to access them – there is nothing to download or purchase.

With our Campus Maps, you can:

  • Plan for your hospital visit, including the best place to park and the best route to where you need to go
  • Make it easier to navigate the hospital and locate your destination
  • Find cafeterias, coffee, gift shops and other amenities, such as ATMs and vending machines, when you’re at the hospital
  • Search by a room number or unit name to quickly find a loved one
  • Track your location to guide you to your location as you move through the hospital
  • Specify if you need wheelchair accessible routes
  • Share directions with family and friends who may be joining you at the hospital

Parking Information

For the convenience of patients, their families, and visitors, medical center employees are asked to park only in specially designated areas. Parking designations include: 

Lot A: Employees
Lot B: Visitors
Lot C: Visitors, medical office staff in the Physician Office Building
Lot D: Maternity patients, families, visitors, medical staff, employees

Other specialty parking areas are designated with appropriate signage. Parking stickers/tags, which are to be displayed in vehicles, are issued to all medical center employees, physicians, medical office staffs, and volunteers.

Learn more with our digital campus map.