Dietetic Internship Rotations, Classes, and Projects

Get information on Dietetic Internship at Miami Valley Hospital rotation, classes, orientation, and more.

  • Interns will be scheduled based on a 40 hour work week. However, they spend additional time outside scheduled work time to complete projects, reading assignments, etc.
  • Classes are conducted in all phases of the internship. These classes are typically held on Monday.
  • Interns attend bi-monthly Dayton Dietetic Association meetings, the annual Ohio Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics meeting and the annual Ohio Public Policy Advocacy Day for students and interns.


Hospital and Internship Orientation one week


  • Cardiology, two weeks
  • Clinical Quality Improvement, one week
  • Critical Care/Burns/Wounds, two weeks
  • Long Term Care, one week
  • Neurology/Medical Surgical, one week
  • NICU, one week
  • Medical/Surgical, two weeks
  • Oncology, one week
  • Orientation, two days
  • Pediatrics, one week
  • Pulmonary, one week
  • Renal, one week
  • Staff Responsibility, four weeks
  • Trauma/Rehab, one week


  • Diabetes Center, one week
  • Outpatient Bariatrics, two weeks
  • Outpatient MNT, two weeks
  • Public Health, one week
  • Public Schools, four days

Food Service Management

  • Activities/Projects ,two weeks
  • Food Production/Sanitation/Purchasing, two weeks
  • Orientation, one week
  • Patient Food Service, two weeks
  • Retail Operations, two weeks
  • Staff Responsibility, four weeks


Vacation time includes two weeks during the December holiday season.


Interns receive holidays off on Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's Day, Labor day, and Memorial Day.


Interns matched to the Miami Valley Hospital Dietetic Internship will be required to:

  • Provide proof of immunization (showing completed MMR and chicken pox vaccinations).
  • Provide proof of health insurance coverage (health insurance coverage for dietetic interns is not available through Miami Valley Hospital).
  • Agree to a background check completed by Miami Valley Hospital at no cost to intern.
  • Complete a drug screen at a facility of hospital’s choice (in Dayton , Ohio) at no cost to intern. 
  • Flu Shot (provided by MVH at no cost to intern).
  • Complete a two-step TB test (provided by MVH no cost to intern).

Dietetic Internship Graduation Requirements

In order to graduate from the program and receive a Verification Statement, interns must complete all rotations, assignments, projects, and other program requirements at the satisfactory level or above.