Joint Replacement Services 

At Premier Health, you have access to the experience and expertise of a vast network of orthopedic specialists in the region. We offer comprehensive orthopedic services from evaluation, diagnostic and imaging services, non-surgical treatment options to surgical treatment options to post-surgical care including physical and occupational therapy. We take a team approach to help you get back to the life you love. 

Joint Replacement Team

Our nationally recognized specialists will evaluate you carefully and explore treatment options to reduce or eliminate your pain. If you need a joint replacement you can trust Premier Health’s experts to provide the surgical care and rehabilitation you need to return to normal life quickly. 

Every member of our Orthopedic Joint Team is important to your care and has received special training that prepares them to provide quality of care to each patient.  The specialists at Premier Health also perform procedures for even the most complex disorders. Our surgeons use advanced technology and techniques. It is easy to trust in the experience of our skilled surgeons; patients experience excellent surgical outcomes and fewer complications, typically reducing the length of stay at the hospital. 

Our Orthopedic Navigator is a registered nurse knowledgeable in orthopedic nursing care. This member of the care team follows patients throughout the journey of their hip or knee replacement; communicating and coordinating care between all members of the health care team. 

Joint Replacement

Joint problems such as osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, and past injuries can cause the bone and cartilage in the joint to wear away causing joint pain. If non-surgical treatment options have failed, joint replacement surgery may be an option for your pain. 


The knee joint is considered one of the most complicated joint in the body. The knee provides stability and support for the body and allows us to bend and rotate our lower leg. It is made up of bone, cartilage, ligaments and fluid, muscles and tendons which help the knee joint move. The knee is one of the joints most prone to injury. Its structure and multiple components put it at risk for many types of injury which can result in knee pain or loss of function.

Premier Health offers a variety of advanced knee replacement options for patients with knees affected by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis or other disease or conditions. 

total knee replacement, or total knee arthroplasty, is a highly successful surgical procedure that replaces all three components of the diseased knee joint. A total knee replacement replaces damaged bearing surfaces in your knee that are causing pain. When undergoing a total knee replacement, the damaged bone and cartilage of the knee are removed and the surgeon will place the new artificial component in its place. The artificial knee is made up of the Tibial component which replaces the top of the tibia or shin bone; the femoral component which replaces the two femoral (thighbone) condyles and the patella groove; and the patellar component which replaces the bottom surface of the knee cap that rubs against the thighbone.

Partial knee replacement is a surgical procedure that helps relieve arthritis in one or two of the three components of the knee. Knees do not wear evenly. Sometimes one part of the knee is fine while another part is destroyed. Depending on where the damage is on your knee, a partial knee replacement may be a surgical option. A partial knee replacement resurfaces only the worn-out portion of the joint, either the inside, outside, or knee cap, leaving the rest of the joint alone.  

Offered through: Miami Valley Hospital, Atrium Medical Center, and Upper Valley Medical Center.


The hip joint is one of the body’s largest weight-bearing joints. It is a ball and socket joint. This helps the hip remain stable even during twisting and extreme range of motion. Hip pain is a very common complaint. It may be caused by arthritis or injury.  Osteoarthritis is one of the most common causes of hip pain. The inflammation from osteoarthritis causes degeneration of the cartilage at the ends of bones found in joints. 

Total hip replacement surgery or hip arthroplasty [nvolves replacing components of the hip with implants to repair the damaged surfaces that are causing pain. In a total hip replacement both the thigh bone (femur) and the sockets are replaced with implant materials. 

The design of the implant offers you a renewed stability and function. Hip replacement can help relieve pain, help your pain, help your hip joint work better and restore normal walking and other movements. Hip replacement surgery has a high success rate and can offer quality of life improvement to some patients. 

In a hip replacement surgery, the surgeon removes degenerate cartilage and bone from the hip joint and replaces them with prosthetics. This surgery is used to accomplish long-term pain relief and increase mobility. 

Offered through: Miami Valley HospitalAtrium Medical Center, and Upper Valley Medical Center.

Different Approaches

All hip replacement surgeons remove the damaged hip joint and replace it with prosthetic components, but hip replacements can differ in their surgical approaches. Approaches may vary depending on your condition and your surgeon’s practices. The surgical techniques (or approaches) are the anterior hip replacement, where during this procedure the incision is made at the front of the hip; and posterior (direct approach) where the incision is made on the side of the hip, just behind the greater trochanter, the knobby bit of bone that sticks out at the side from the top of the femur (thigh bone).


The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body – it has a wide and versatile range of motion. The rotator cuff is also an essential component for the shoulder’s range of motion. 

Total shoulder replacement surgery removes the diseased and damaged bone in the shoulder. The shoulder is a ball and socket joint. The round end of the arm bone fits into the opening at the end of the shoulder blade. A conventional shoulder replacement device mimics the normal anatomy of the shoulder; a plastic cup is fitted into the shoulder socket and a metal ball is attached to the top of the upper arm bone. 

Reverse total shoulder replacement works better for people with certain injuries, including rotator cuff injuries or individuals with failed standard shoulder replacement.  This newly approved implant is specifically designed for use in shoulders that have a deficient rotator cuff and arthritis or complex fractures. The reverse shoulder replacement changes the orientation of the shoulder so that the normal socket is replaced with an artificial ball, and the normal ball is replaced with an implant that has a socket into which the artificial ball rests. 

Offered through: Miami Valley HospitalAtrium Medical Center, and Upper Valley Medical Center.

Joint Replacement Classes

Joint Replacement classes are offered to give patients and their family/support person a wide range of information to help with preparations before and after surgery.


Fidelity Health Care Rehabilitative Care Services is committed to providing patients with evidence based clinical quality therapies. We offer physical therapy (PT), occupational therapy (OT), speech therapy (ST), and vestibular therapy (VT) services as part of our Rehabilitative Care program.

Physical therapy visits from Fidelity Health Care are provided by our licensed physical therapy professionals. The Physical Therapy Team utilizes a variety of modalities and activities to help patients regain strength, balance, and mobility skills in the comfort of their home. These include but are not limited to, getting in and out of bed, safe walking, stair climbing, accessing the bathroom, and restoring joint range of motion, or strength. Individualized treatment plans are designed to restore one’s life roles, manage pain, and achieve independent function. Our Physical Therapy team provides education, instruction and demonstration to patients and families to achieve a personalized plan of care.

Content Updated: December 4, 2018

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