Neil Diamond’s Parkinson’s Diagnosis May Lead to Brighter Future

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The career of legendary singer and recording artist Neil Diamond has spanned nearly seven decades and garnered numerous awards. Just last week it was announced that The Recording Academy will be presenting him with its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award this summer.

However, this honor has been overshadowed by Diamond’s own announcement that he has recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, a brain disorder that causes shaking, stiffness and trouble with walking, balance and coordination. Diamond stated that though he will continue to record music, he has cancelled all future concert tour dates.

One Step Back…Two Steps Forward

Though this is a disheartening development for his many fans, there is hope that the news may also encourage additional research funding that could lead to an eventual cure. Premier Health Now checked in with neurologist Mary S. Feldman, DO, of the Clinical Neuroscience Institute for her perspective.

“As a celebrity with Parkinson’s, for example, Michael J. Fox has been able to raise a lot of money since his own diagnosis, which has led to an incredible amount of research, and hopefully the same thing will come from Neil Diamond's diagnosis,” says Dr. Feldman.

Though the Michael J. Fox Foundation has raised millions of dollars, it’s difficult to know the long-term impact of this recent news. At the same time, increased awareness remains as an important and encouraging silver lining in this ongoing battle, which has evolved quickly.

“Parkinson’s was only first identified in 1817, so when you think about it, we’ve made fantastic strides in how we’ve been able to research and treat this disease ever since,” said Dr. Feldman.

As for Diamond’s own health, Dr. Feldman believes his decision to stop touring offers him a great opportunity to focus on vital self-care.

“Parkinson's is not making him give up his career,” she said. “He is probably focusing more on things like exercise, since we know it helps slow the progression of the disease.”

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