Well-Being Packages

Premier Community Health offers a choice of well-being packages that can result in improved health and substantial savings for you and your employees. A study from the Society of Human Resource Management has shown that every dollar invested in workplace well-being programs delivers a $6 savings in health care costs.

Our comprehensive well-being packages will make things easier for your HR/benefits team. They can be tailored to your requirements, and we’ll work closely with you to build a program that meets your needs and your budget.

Three Well-Being Package Tiers

We offer three well-being package options: Core, Midway, and Premier.

The Core package includes:

  • Biometric Screening. Your organization’s choice of an annual biometric screening package.
  • Onsite Lifestyle Coaching. Choose from our menu of options on topics such as tobacco cessation, mindful eating, stress hacks, and much more.
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA). This questionnaire identifies potential health risks and the willingness of individuals to change unhealthy behaviors.
  • Personal Health Report (PHR). Each employee who participates in biometric screenings and health assessment will receive a comprehensive report detailing their unique health characteristics.
  • Wellness Portal. Employees will have 24/7 access to this online resource.

The Midway package includes everything in the Core package (above), plus:

  • Incentive Tracking. We offer flexible tracking options to accommodate your budget and your specific incentive plan.
  • Wellness Challenges. From nutrition and physical activity to financial wellness, we have something to motivate every employee.
  • On-site Wellness Programs. These include interactive “healthy breaks” and wellness workshops.
  • Flu Vaccine Clinic

The Premier package includes everything from both the Core and Midway packages, plus:

  • Lifestyle Management Programs (LMP). LMPs offer targeted support for high-risk individuals through intensive, behavior-change-driven programs.
  • Risk-Targeted Lifestyle Coaching. This program provides vigorous and continual coaching focused on at-risk employees based on a three-level stratification: high risk, moderate risk, and low risk.

Analysis, Results, and Event Management

Each of the three well-being packages also includes the following:

  • Aggregate Analysis. This tool identifies the areas of opportunity for health enhancement that lead to improved employee health and claims reduction and related savings.
  • Results Review. We work with your organization’s leadership and wellness champions to reveal opportunities for health enhancement and positive culture building.
  • Event Management. Managing participant registration has never been so easy! We handle all scheduling duties, confirmations, and logistics for your onsite programs — and we conduct and report on event satisfaction periodically.



Designed to deliver a snapshot of your population’s health


Customized, 6-9 month wellness package tailored to your culture and incentive plan


“Gold Standard” and comprehensive, annual package designed to give best ROI/VOI
Biometric Screening
Flu Vaccine Clinic
Health Risk Assessment
Onsite Results Coaching
Personal Health Report (employee)
Aggregate Analysis & Results Review (employer)
Wellness Portal
Event Management

Wants and Needs Assessment 
Incentive Program Design 
Well-Being Workshops* 
Wellness Challenges* 
Ongoing Lifestyle Coaching*  
Lifestyle Management Programs  

*Number of sessions between Midway and Premier will vary based on risk-stratification

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