Cole’s Story: Quick Action Prevents Long Term Complications

Cole Theodor was playing football last fall. On the first offensive play of the game, he heard a “snap” after being hit by two other players. 

Among those responding to Cole’s injury was Joyce Kastl, team athletic trainer from UVMC Center for Sports Medicine.

Cole’s parents were in the stands. They saw their son coming off the field with Kastl and others who were assisting Cole. “We knew then that the injury might be serious,” says Cole’s father, Tom Theodor.

Athletic Trainer Coordinates Care 

The UVMC athletic trainers are taught assessment tools to evaluate an injury and decide the best course of action. The action could include having emergency medical services come to the field to transport the athlete to the emergency department. If the injury is stable enough, the athlete is assisted off the field for further assessment.


Kastl was able to remove Cole’s shoe, assess the injury, and determine that he should go to the hospital that evening. He was taken to a hospital, where a soft cast was placed on his foot. Cole’s parents were advised to call an orthopedic surgeon.

UVMC Orthopedic Surgeon Provides Timely Treatment 

Tom Theodor sent Cole’s X-rays to Kastl, who, in turn, sent them to Mark Zunkiewicz, MD, a Premier Orthopedics orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine.


Dr. Zunkiewicz found that Cole not only had a fracture, but also had other injuries that required treatment in order to avoid walking and chronic pain problems in the future. Arrangements were made for Cole to have surgery the following morning, a Saturday, at UVMC.


Dr. Zunkiewicz says Kastl’s actions were key in getting Cole the care he needed. The Theodors praised Kastl for her commitment to the athlete. “I don’t feel like I went above and beyond my job. It’s just who I am. It’s what I do,” Kastl says.

“It was an outstanding job, as far as we’re concerned,” Tom Theodor says. “To go from ‘come back Monday, maybe you can get an appointment,’ to Cole having surgery by Saturday night was a big relief to us.” 


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