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Premier Health encourages you to be actively involved in your medical care. You may wonder, “Why should I go to a pain center at a hospital?” We believe that a pain center connected to a hospital gives you the safest and best option. Because we are part of a hospital, you are supported by a wide network of pain professionals at all levels of care.

Before you select a pain center, it’s important to research and learn what qualifies a pain center to best support you. Here is a checklist to consider when choosing a pain center:

  • Is the physician board certified in pain management?
  • What are the credentials of the other staff? Are they ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) certified? What would happen if there were a medical emergency?
  • Is the staff caring? Do they provide a personal experience?
  • Does the center have access to other specialties for referral if needed?

Does the physician use a multi-modality approach to pain management (such as combining different therapies for pain management: invasive therapies; opioid and non-opioid medications; non-medication treatments such as physical and occupational therapies, ice, and heat.

  • Can I be assured of confidentiality?
  • Will my plan of care be clear and easy to understand?
  • Will the pain center work closely with my family physician or other specialists to coordinate my care?

Does the pain center accept my insurance, Medicaid, Medicare, Workers Compensation?

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