Patient Information

Your journey to achieving and maintaining your best health will be planned with your specific needs and goals in mind. Our program is structured to help you succeed, from an educational seminar to initial assessment, nutrition counseling and beyond, we will work hard to help you improve your overall health.

First Steps

You'll begin by calling the office at (937) 208-5300(937) 208-5300 to receive information about the program, as well as, an appointment for an initial consultation with the provider and registered dietitian.  

At your first visit we will review your health history and discuss medical weight loss options.  We will have you obtain medical clearance from your primary care provider, labs and EKG as needed prior to starting the meal plan and program.

What to Expect at Your Second Appointment

We will review labs, EKGs and clearances requested.  You will meet with the registered dietitian and provider.  They will give you the meal plan and explain other options as requested, such as including meal replacements in your plan or prescription (weight loss) medication and discuss risks/benefits and alternatives.  

Please remember to bring:

  • Medical clearance form completed by your primary care provider
  • Lab and EKG results

At Premier Weight Loss Solutions, we want to provide a comprehensive approach to weight management, health and wellness. In addition to providing nutrition education, accountability, medical support, health and wellness coaching (at your appointments), we also offer access to physical activity through a personal training session, a 3-month YMCA membership, and online support groups.

You will be scheduled a follow-up appointment four weeks after the start of the program, and you’ll continue with monthly visits. As you approach a BMI of 25-27, or as discussed between you and the provider, you will transition away from supplements and medication.