Chris’ Story

Weighing in at 423 pounds, I had tried every diet and diet pill imaginable—with limited and short-lived success. I wasn’t able to fit into a restaurant booth, I had to buy my clothes from magazines and Big and Tall stores, and special accommodations had to be made for me when planning outings.

After a year of researching weight loss surgery on the Internet, I attended an information seminar. Finally, I was convinced that it was right for me. Unfortunately, my insurance company refused to pay for my procedure, but I decided that I was more important than money, so I paid for the surgery myself by refinancing my home.

Let’s just say that the surgery has paid for itself a hundred times over! I can buy clothes off the rack, I can go out to eat and sit comfortably in any booth, and I no longer feel like the odd-man-out during family outings. I am indeed a new person!

Dr. Teel and his staff are the best! They’ve always treated me as though I am important, even before I realized that I was. I am proud of where I am today. Thank you Premier Metabolic and Bariatric Associates!