Pathway to Surgery

Deciding to have weight loss surgery can change your life in a positive and healthy way. The decision of where to have your surgery is critically important and may affect your weight loss success and overall bariatric experience.

Miami Valley Hospital is an accredited Comprehensive Bariatric Center. This designation acknowledges the superior surgical and medical care we provide for our patients. We put your safety first, and our complication rates are below the national average.

If you are interested in having weight loss surgery, here is the path you can expect to follow:

  1. Register for and attend a free informational seminar.
  2. Meet with C. Joe Northup, MD, our bariatric surgeon, for an initial consultation. At this visit, you will also meet with a registered dietitian.
  3. Meet with a registered dietitian to complete a nutritional evaluation and develop pre-surgery goals.
  4. Obtain a psychological evaluation to ensure you are ready for the commitments of changing your life with bariatric surgery. We’ll provide a list of psychologists so you have a choice of whom to contact.
  5. Undergo any required diagnostic tests, such as endoscopy or blood work.
  6. Obtain any medical clearances as requested from your primary care provider or other specialists you see, e.g. cardiologist, lung specialist, endocrinologist or kidney specialist
  7. Attend at least one support group meeting before you schedule your surgery.
  8. Attend preoperative education and nutrition classes. Presenters discuss what you can expect before, during and after surgery, including dietary expectations.
  9. Prepare for your surgery by going on a high-protein diet two weeks before your procedure. This diet shrinks the size of your liver and allows us to perform the surgery more safely and easily. 

Your pathway to surgery can take three or more months, depending on certain requirements from your insurance plan. Contact us for more information on paying for surgery/insurance.

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