Skin Cancer and Lesion Removal

Skin Cancer and Lesion Removal

Todd Hicks, MD, FACS, of Premier Plastic Surgeons, is proud to offer surgical services to area skin cancer patients. Dr. Hicks and the staff of Premier Plastic Surgeons are dedicated to patient-centered care with professional, individualized attention.

Early detection is key in treating skin cancer. Signs of skin cancer include growths or moles that:

  • Are bigger than 6 mm (or the size of a pencil eraser)
  • Bleed or ooze, and don’t heal
  • Change in size, shape, or color
  • Have different colors in them, such as tan, brown, or red
  • Have ragged edges
  • Itch or are sore
  • Redden or swell at the edges or beyond
  • Vary in shape; one half doesn’t match the other half

Risk factors for skin cancer include:

  • A history of the disease
  • Light hair or fair skin
  • History of sunburns from sunlight or tanning beds
  • Weakened immune system

Dr. Hicks offers comprehensive evaluation of lesions and skin cancer surgical procedures. If you are concerned about a growth or mole, please call our office to schedule an appointment for an evaluation.