Register For MyChart and Family Medical Information

Register For MyChart

Registering for MyChart is easy. At your next appointment, ask your Premier Physician Network health care provider or any member of the office staff for access to MyChart. You can also call your doctor’s office any time during regular business hours to request access.

Your Premier Physician Network office will provide you an access code. Use this code to activate your account from a computer of your choice. Simply go to the MyChart log-in page, enter the code and get started.

If you don’t already have a Premier Physician Network provider, find one near you using the online search tool.

Family Medical Information

Can you access the medical records of a family member on MyChart

Yes, under some circumstances, which your physician or health care provider can explain.

To gain access to a family member’s health information, you’ll need to consult with your family member’s health care provider, who will decide whether proxy access is appropriate. Circumstances that may justify authorization include mental disability, dementia, or other health or mental issues that could compromise your family member’s judgment or ability to completely understand and make decisions about their health. Your family member will need to sign an authorization allowing you access.

As a parent, you have full access on MyChart to the medical records of your children under age 12. Your children 12 years and older must give you permission to view their medical records on MyChart.