About COMPACT Care

COMPACT care is an initiative to improve quality and standardize the content of referrals between primary care physicians and specialty care practices through the use of service compacts. Service compacts set these quality and content guidelines for effective referrals to ensure that patient care is coordinated through collaborative efforts. 

Service compacts can’t guarantee referrals and don’t change the volume of referrals.

COMPACT Care is about improving the quality and standardizing the content of referrals generated by physicians participating in the service compact. Service compacts cannot guarantee that participating physicians will always follow the quality and content standards of the compact, and the compacts aren’t detailed enough to cover each individual contingency. Performance issues will still be addressed internally through Premier Health Group’s (PHG) policies and procedures.

An effective service compact sets expectations for: 

  • Appointment availability
  • Follow-up plans
  • Post-referral communication 
  • Standard content to be included in all referrals 

Premier Health Group service compacts are designed to be patient-centric, ensuring that patients have what they need to receive a successful referral. COMPACT Care is another way for us to build on our commitment to lead the region in quality, comprehensive patient care.

View the HEDIS/Star and COMPACT Care toolkits.