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As health care spending continues to rise and our population ages, fee-for-service reimbursement is becoming unsustainable. To meet the challenge of new value-based pay models, Premier Health Group is formalizing a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN). It will enable health care providers to join together in a high-performance network to provide high quality care in an efficient way. Your patients and our community will benefit.

What Is a Clinically Integrated Network (CIN)?

A CIN is a legal structure that allows providers to work together to enhance quality and value of care and collaborate on clinical processes and protocols. A CIN supports value-based care, which aligns providers and payers with reimbursement that rewards improved quality, lower total cost of care, and better patient outcomes.

CIN providers agree that they will adopt and adhere to certain best practices with the expectation that care will improve and costs will decrease. A CIN is also a contracting entity that engages with third-party payers (such as the government, commercial payers, or employers) for value-based reimbursement that rewards enhancements to quality and value of care.

Who Are the CIN’s Stakeholders?

To meet the CIN’s goals, three sets of stakeholders align:

  • Physician partners, including high quality, efficient providers across the care continuum. The CIN will include academic, employed, and independent physicians
  • Premier Health Group, who seeks to achieve better patient quality outcomes and experience through differentiated care delivery
  • Payers who are committed to market share growth and CIN promotion, with contracts co-created with the CIN to be mutually beneficial

How Can Physicians Benefit?

As part of Premier Health Group’s CIN — focused on quality, performance, efficiency, and value to the patient — you can:

  • Benefit from and enhance the CIN’s network-based contracting activities
  • Improve outcomes for patients through clinical collaboration with like-minded, quality-focused providers
  • Receive financial incentives and support under qualifying initiatives
  • Access knowledge and clinical information and robust support for population management and disease management
  • Learn from a deep well of shared data

To Learn More

Please discuss with your Physician Relations Manager (PRM) or contact Premier Health Group at (937) 499-7441(937) 499-7441.