Continuing Education Calendar

Premier Health offers the following educational training programs for EMS, many of them free of charge.

Premier Health EMS Courses

Premier Health offers EMS certification and continuing education courses.

Distance Learning Continuing Education (CE)

Premier Health now offers educational webinars, so you can earn CEs at your own pace whenever it's convenient.

Classes and Presentations

Premier Health offers classes and presentations for EMS continuing education and connections with outside organizations that offer additional courses for certification, recertification, and advanced training.

Request a Group Class

Premier Health brings EMS learning to emergency workers whose staff doesn’t have the times to attend courses or presentations.

EMS Certification Renewal

Learn more about EMS certification renewal requirements.

Mobile Education Lab

Miami Valley Hospital’s Mobile Education Lab is an interactive training laboratory housed inside a 40-foot-long mobile home.

Educational Videos

Premier Health's EMS Center of Excellence has provided the following educational videos with step-by-step instructions to help you understand different techniques in your job.

Online Resources

Our list of online resources will help you locate information about the EMS industry, state regulations and initiatives, national data, and much more.