Patient Stories

Read success stories about patients whose lives have been changed by Hand and Reconstructive Surgeons and Associates. 

Brian’s Story

Brian, 41, is ready again for ski season. A fall while skiing tore one of his thumb ligaments. He was splinted in Colorado and had the ligament repaired surgically at home in Dayton, Ohio.

Claire’s Story

Claire, 17, is ready for March Madness. A basketball injury left Claire unable to straighten the fingertip secondary to an extensor tendon injury. She was treated with splinting to allow the tendon to heal. 

Margaret’s Story

Margaret, 74, is always keeping people in stitches. Margaret’s index finger arthritis was preventing her from knitting. Surgery to fuse the tip of her finger enabled her to resume her hobby.

Mary’s Story

Mary, 62, lives to pick her garden masterpieces. Mary was having trouble both napping and gardening because of numbness in her right hand. Her symptoms were relieved by carpal tunnel release surgery.

Samantha’s Story

Samantha, 9, is back in the saddle again. A fall from her horse left her with a broken wrist. Surgery was performed to realign the bones for optimal healing and function potential.

Steve’s Story

Steve, 33, is training the next Superman. Steve was having trouble lifting his four- month old baby boy due to tendonitis of the wrist. He was helped by splinting, therapy, and cortisone injection.