Possible Cancer Warning Signs

Our bodies have ways of telling us something is wrong, but it’s up to us to pay attention.

Below are a few possible signs of cancer. If you have one or more of these signs, it does not mean you have cancer. It does mean you need to talk to your physician as soon as possible about the symptoms.

Many people ignore possible signs of cancer, hoping they will go away. It is very important that if you notice one of these signs, you talk with your health care provider as soon as possible. The earlier a cancer is found, the more likely it can be treated.

Common Cancer Symptoms

Watch for these symptoms:

  • A thickening (the skin feels thicker) or lump in the breast―or any part of the body
  • A new mole or a change in a mole you’ve had for a while
  • A sore that does not heal
  • Hoarseness or a cough that does not go away
  • Changes in bowel or bladder habits
  • Uncomfortable feeling after eating (especially a feeling of fullness)
  • A hard time swallowing
  • Weight gain or loss with no known reason
  • Unusual bleeding or discharge
  • Feeling weak or very tired

These symptoms may be signs of other health issues that are not cancer. But only a physician can tell for sure. Usually, early cancer does not cause pain. If you have symptoms, do not wait to feel pain before seeing your physician.

Source: Premier Health Community Wellness Affiliate - Premier Community Health

Content Updated: September 6, 2013

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