To help you make more informed health care decisions, Premier Health provides estimated average charges for many common adult procedures.

Pricing Variances

Charges for hospital services may vary significantly depending on:

  • What tests or procedures your doctor orders
  • Previous test results
  • Medical history
  • Other items or services unique to your specific health care needs

The charges listed are only an estimate. They are not intended to be a quote. Your actual charges could be more or less than these estimates depending on the specific factors of your case.

Estimates Represent Hospital Charges Only

It is important to remember that these estimates are for hospital charges only. They do not include physician fees billed by your surgeon, anesthesiologist, emergency specialist, pathologist, radiologist, or other physicians who may help with your care.

Average Charges by Hospital

Select the hospital of your choice to view average pricing for surgical and medical procedures:

Pricing FAQs

Review the most frequently asked questions about average charges for procedures performed at Premier Health hospitals.

Do you have a pricing question that you would like to discuss over the phone? Contact our price line at (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364 or toll free at (937) 499-7364(937) 499-7364.

Fee Estimates

Fee estimates are based on information you provide. To receive an estimate, you will need to get detailed information about your upcoming service(s) and obtain procedure codes to prepare for billing.

Examples of services include:

  • Radiological tests
  • Lab work
  • Surgical procedures
  • Anesthesia

To create your fee estimate, we consider the average charge for your requested service and your individual insurance coverage benefits. Your actual charges could be more or less than your estimate depending on the specific factors of your case. For example, if during a routine colonoscopy a polyp is detected, it will be removed and sent to a lab for testing; therefore, additional charges are incurred.

Content Updated: February 27, 2018

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