Like you, we’re keeping an eye on news – especially the bits that could affect our health or the well-being of our families. But let’s face it, those stories don’t always get to what it means. That’s why the Premier Health Now team came up with this idea to give you more insights into the headlines you and your friends will be talking about. Whether the story is close to home or far away, whether it causes worry or makes you smile, we invite you to check in with Premier Health Now to get the "so what" behind the day’s news.

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Stories in Self-Improvement

Starting Your Child in Sports: Just Do it!

March 20 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

Tuning in to your kids’ unique interests at any age will help you find the sports that will reward them with a lifetime of healthy habits. Sports medicine specialist Dr. Jon Sulentic and athletic trainer Justin Perkins cover the mind-body-social benefits of starting sports early, how to choose, and...

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The Promise and Perils of Fad Diets

February 28 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement, Nutrition

If you’re thinking about jumping into a quick-fix fad diet because you heard a friend of a friend lost a lot of weight on it, hold that thought. Set yourself up for success. Join Dr. Joe Northup and nutritionist Diana Weathers on this Premier Health Now On-Air podcast to learn how to spot which...

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Why Your Random Act of Kindness Makes YOU Happy

February 16 | Comments | Self-Improvement

Your kind deed on Random Act of Kindness Day (Sunday, February 17) – or any random day – can affect more than the recipient of your act. Plenty of research indicates that being kind can have positive returns. Let’s say you pick up the tab for the person next to you at the coffee shop. She’ll...

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The Benefits Of Tidying Up

February 4 | Comments | Self-Improvement, Emotional Health

Marie Kondo is all about de-cluttering, yet the value in her lessons goes far beyond techniques for creating an ordered closet. To understand the deeper benefits of tidying up, Premier Health Now talked with Stephen Liptak, Psy.D., a psychologist at Upper Valley Outpatient Behavioral Health. It...

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Stuck In a Rut? Set Small Goals For Success

February 1 | Comments | Self-Improvement

Groundhog Day can be a shot at a new beginning or a sign that we’re stuck in a rut — just like Bill Murray reliving the same bad day, again and again in the movie. It’s also about the time that many people who made New Year’s resolutions give up. As February begins, what can you do to...

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I Won’t Drink to That: Dry January Movement Grows in Popularity

January 11 | Comments | Self-Improvement, Nutrition, Sleep

As 2019 begins, the only thing that may be more synonymous with the singing of “Auld Lang Syne” is the customary practice of making — and then breaking — New Year’s resolutions. Though you may be resigned to the idea that you may never live up to the promises you make before the clock strikes 12, a...

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‘This I Resolve’: Step by Step to a Healthier 2019

12/31/2018 | Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement, Nutrition, Emotional Health, Sleep

Despite good intentions, many New Year’s resolutions – like losing weight, eating better, getting fit and quitting cigarettes – don’t survive the year. Often that’s because resolutions are unrealistic. And so general you can’t get your arms or mind around them.Dale Block, MD, of Premier Family Care...

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Will Your Behavior Change During Wednesday's Full Moon?

1/30/2018 | Comments | Self-Improvement

The notion that a full moon causes people to behave strangely dates back hundreds of years. (The word “lunatic” comes from “luna,” the Latin name for the Moon.) But is it really true?  Although there’s no scientific evidence to support it, as explained here, research or no research, many are...

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Does Binge-Watching Do 'Stranger Things' to Your Brain

11/20/2017 | Comments | Self-Improvement, Brain Health

You can’t wait to watch the entire second season of “Stranger Things” on your next free weekend. The instant gratification of immersing yourself in the science fiction thriller will be enormous. But does your brain — or your emotions — pay a price? Premier Health Now asked neuropsychologist Fadi...

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How to Help Your Child When School Stress Grows

11/10/2017 | Comments | Parenting, Self-Improvement

It’s that stressful time of year again. As teachers release first quarter grades, anxiety levels can increase for children and teens. Whether your child’s report card is filled with A’s or an alphabet soup, the end of the first grading period can trigger emotional responses. Academic, social and...

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'Everybody's Talkin' at Me': How to Talk About Hate in the News

8/25/2017 | 0 Comments | Relationships, Self-Improvement

Charlottesville, terrorism, demonstrations…When the headlines are saturated with hate, the topic naturally spills over into conversation among friends, family and co-workers. Such discussion can be helpful and educational. Yet because these topics are controversial, conversations can quickly become...

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Reduce Dementia by a Third? Tell Us How!

7/25/2017 | 0 Comments | Self-Improvement, Illness

With dementia afflicting 45 million people worldwide in 2015, the disease could well be the biggest killer of the 21st century, some experts think. A new report from the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care suggests that up to a third of Alzheimer’s and other dementia...

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Linking Brain to Computer: Science or Science Fiction?

5/3/2017 | 0 Comments | Self-Improvement

Creating a brain-computer connection by implanting electrodes in the brain is the latest ambition of entrepreneur Elon Musk, who recently announced formation of a new company called Neuralink. This push to enhance brain power with computer power is more science fiction than realistic neuroscience,...

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4 Ways to Make Lunch Count

4/13/2017 | 0 Comments | Self-Improvement, Nutrition

If you catch a quick lunch at your desk most days, take a break and celebrate Make Lunch Count Day on April 13. Founded by TGI Friday’s in 2016, Make Lunch Count Day encourages breaking the trend of eating at your desk to get out for lunch and have stimulating conversations.  Premier Health...

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Stay Informed and Stay Sane

2/16/2017 | 1 Comments | Self-Improvement

Do you feel inundated with the constant updates on current events that seem to be occurring more rapidly than ever?Premier Health Now talked with Fadi Tayim, PhD, Division Chief of Neuropsychology at the Clinical Neuroscience Institute, about how to consume news in a meaningful and healthy way.By...

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Be It Resolved: Weekend-Only Exercise Counts

1/20/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

Are weekday work and family obligations crowding out your New Year’s resolution to exercise regularly?If weekends seem to be your only chance for physical activity, you’re not alone. And you’re not out of luck.At least according to a study recently published in JAMA Internal Medicine.Subjects of the...

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Why It's Hard to Keep New Year's Resolutions

1/17/2017 | 0 Comments | Self-Improvement

If you’re like most Americans, you’re about ready to bail on your New Year’s resolution. Premier Health Now talked with neuropsychologist Fadi Tayim, PhD, Premier Health Clinical Neuroscience Institute, to find out why it’s so difficult to keep resolutions, and what you can do differently to...

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Turn Your New Year's Fitness Resolution into a Habit

1/13/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Self-Improvement

If your New Year’s resolution includes the phrases “exercise more” and “lose weight,” you are among the more than 25 percent of Americans who made resolutions that take aim at getting fit.To boost the odds of achieving your goal, Premier Health Now talked with Joshua Ordway, MD, Franklin Family...

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