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Stories in Parenting

Vaccines: Know the Basics to Protect Your Kids

March 15 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

Whether it's the flu or a return to school, the topic of vaccinations always seem to be in season. The latest debate comes from the news that an 18-year-old from Norwalk, Ohio, got vaccinated after doing his own research — and against his mother’s wishes. There are some key things to...

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Making Sense of the Momo Challenge

March 1 | Comments | Parenting, Technology

Legendary horror novelist Stephen King is quoted as saying, “Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes they win.” In today’s digital age, separating true monsters and ghosts from the false is a growing concern for parents seeking to protect their children from...

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Dating Violence: How to Prepare and Protect Your Teen

February 21 | Comments | Relationships, Parenting

Teen dating violence is a real and growing concern for parents. How can you increase the chances your son or daughter will establish healthy dating relationships and avoid becoming a teen dating violence statistic? In observance of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Beth Collins, MS, LPCC-S, a...

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Teen Dating Violence: Is Your Teen at Risk?

February 20 | Comments | Relationships, Parenting

Dating is a natural part of life for teens. On the positive side, dating can contribute to teens’ healthy social development. But as a parent, you can’t help but worry and be wary of teen dating violence and abuse. During Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, Premier Health Now asked Beth Collins,...

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Alert: Obesity-Related Cancers on Rise in Young People

February 11 | Comments | Parenting, Cancer

For anyone concerned about links between obesity and some cancers, new findings released by the American Cancer Society are even more unsettling. A recent study showed obesity-related cancers in young people are on the rise in significant numbers. Cancers associated with excess body weight...

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Homelessness Comes to Sesame Street

12/19/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Emotional Health

It’s fitting that Sesame Street Muppet Lily left the show, but now is back again. Instability is one of the realities of homelessness that Sesame Street producers hope Lily will teach viewers. Empathy and understanding of the growing issue is their overall goal. As a social worker with Samaritan...

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How Does Screen Time Impact Children’s Brains?

12/19/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Technology

That’s a major question being asked in a multi-year National Institutes of Health study that will investigate brain development over a decade in more than 11,000 children ages 9 and 10. Preliminary results of the national study showed that children who spend more than two hours a day on...

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Why is the Prevalence of Autism Rising?

12/11/2018 | Comments | Parenting

The prevalence of children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder appears to be rising – to one in 40, or 2.5 percent of children in the U.S. – according to a recently published study in the medical journal Pediatrics. The study is based on the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2016 National Survey...

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Ready, Set, Here Comes Puberty

11/28/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Hormones

How can something so totally normal and so universal become such a rollercoaster ride? Welcome to puberty, a hormone-induced journey of physical, mental and emotional changes that transform a girl to a woman. Can you prepare yourself and your daughter? You bet. Join Dr. Anessa Alappatt and certified...

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Teen Vaping Up 80 Percent; FDA Takes Action

11/20/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

Vaping increased nearly 80 percent among high schoolers and 50 percent among middle schoolers since last year, according to the latest data from the US Food and Drug Administration. The FDA has proposed new measures against flavored nicotine products that could ultimately remove them from stores and...

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Spanking May Not Have the Impact You Want

11/13/2018 | Comments | Parenting

To spank or not to spank? Parents have long wrestled with this question, Mark Casdorph, DO, child and adolescent psychiatrist at Upper Valley Outpatient Behavioral Health Services, tells Premier Health Now. But in recent years spanking has been falling more out of favor in the child health...

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Researchers Work to Identify Cause of Mysterious ‘Polio-Like Virus’ in Children

10/19/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

Remarkable advances in modern medicine have eradicated diseases that once plagued humanity — and even struck fear at the very mention of their names. This might explain the growing concern over a “polio-like” virus that has already been identified in more than 60 children this year. Premier...

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Football Death a Wake-Up Call for Player Safety

10/8/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting, Brain Health

The tragic story of a Georgia high school football player’s death after collapsing during a game reawakens every parent’s fears about a fatal head injury during contact sports. Premier Health Now asked Jeffrey James, DO, of Premier Orthopedics, to offer perspective and advice on what to do to...

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Keep Baby Safe: Avoid Infant Walkers

9/26/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

Infant walkers are unsafe and should not be used. That’s the message — again — from the American Academy of Pediatrics as a new study reveals more than 2,000 babies a year are treated for walker-related injuries in hospital emergency rooms. To understand why the nation’s pediatricians want a...

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Cutting Through the Fog: Vaping Harms Teens

9/24/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

E-cigarettes used for vaping were “initially designed as an off-ramp for smokers to get off cigarettes,” says Michael Barrow, MD, of Premier Health Family Care – North. Now they’re increasingly becoming “an on-ramp for people who wouldn’t normally get involved” in vaping – particularly middle and...

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EpiPen Shortage Sparks Back-to-School Concerns Among Parents

8/25/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Allergies

Back-to-school shopping is an annual tradition that takes families on an annual scavenger hunt to locate supplies such as pencils, paper and new clothes. For others, however, the most difficult thing to find on their list is a particular item that can mean the difference between life and...

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Ease Your Way Back to School

8/25/2018 | Comments | Parenting

Going from carefree summer days back to the school routine can be hard for kids and parents alike. Ease the transition with practical tips on required vaccines and physicals, setting up healthy sleep habits, watching out for concussion signs and who to consult for extra help. Join Dr. Michael Barrow...

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Lap-riding on a Slide Unsafe for Children

7/3/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

There’s a growing awareness about slide safety that every parent of a young child needs to know: Mom and Dad should not go down a slide with a child on their lap. To understand the dangers of this seemingly harmless activity, Premier Health Now talked with Michael Griesser, MD, an orthopedic...

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Suicides Among Youth Show Alarming Increase

6/12/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Emotional Health

Suicide is now the second leading cause of death among young people between the ages of 15 and 34 in the United States. With the deaths by suicide last week of celebrities Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain it’s more important than ever to talk to our children about the permanence of suicide...

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America's Loneliness Epidemic: Are You Responsible?

5/9/2018 | Comments | Relationships, Parenting, Emotional Health

Last year the U.S. Surgeon General raised eyebrows by announcing a loneliness epidemic throughout the world. But results of a recent survey by health insurer Cigna may silence the doubters. Of the 20,000 Americans who responded to the survey, nearly half indicated they sometimes or always feel...

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Why Mumps are Making a Comeback - Despite Vaccinations

3/29/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

It was decades ago that U.S. children began squirming over not one, but two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination (one as an infant and a booster at age 6). Yet today mumps are on the rise, especially among college students. At James Madison University in Harrisonburg,...

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Painful Reality: The Impact of Opioid Addiction on Children

3/26/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Emotional Health

About twice as many children in the U.S. are now being admitted to hospitals for opioid overdoses than in 2004, according to a recent study published in the journal Pediatrics. Fortunately, that’s not the case for southwest Ohio children, despite opioid addiction and overdoses reaching...

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Smoking Still a Threat to Babies' Health

3/12/2018 | Comments | Pregnancy, Parenting

Despite the health risks to mother and baby, 1 of every 14 pregnant women in the U.S. – about 7.2 percent – smoked cigarettes in 2016, according to a new report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Ohio and 30 other states have a smoking-while-pregnant rate above this national...

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Sexting on the Rise Among Teens, Preteens

3/6/2018 | Comments | Parenting

For teens and preteens exploring their sexuality, smart phones have fueled the growing popularity of sexting. A study recently published in JAMA Pediatrics revealed that about one in four children age 11 to 17 has participated in sexting, defined as "the sending or receiving of nude or seminude...

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Another School Shooting: Don't Run From the Difficult Conversation

2/20/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Emotional Health

When a school shooting like the one in Parkland, Florida, saturates the airwaves, it naturally creates anxiety in kids. And in parents. It can be tempting to deal with the anxiety by avoiding the topic. But that would be a mistake, says psychiatrist Mark Casdorph, DO, with Upper Valley Outpatient...

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Tide Pod Challenge: A Deadly Dare

1/19/2018 | Comments | Safety, Parenting

A dangerous trend is circulating among teens on social media. Kids are daring each other to eat colorful laundry detergent pods and document the event on video for everyone to see. They call it the Tide pod challenge. While risk-taking behaviors are part of growing up, this latest version is...

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How to Help Your Child When School Stress Grows

11/10/2017 | Comments | Parenting, Self-Improvement

It’s that stressful time of year again. As teachers release first quarter grades, anxiety levels can increase for children and teens. Whether your child’s report card is filled with A’s or an alphabet soup, the end of the first grading period can trigger emotional responses. Academic, social and...

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Could Concussions Deliver a Harder Hit to Girls?

10/28/2017 | Comments | Safety, Parenting, Brain Health

Twenty-eight days after sustaining a concussion, half of young female athletes still complained of symptoms. Yet that number dropped to just 11 days for young male athletes. This according to results of a study reported this month by Reuters.  What does this news mean for parents? To...

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Why More Kids Will Be Diagnosed with High Blood Pressure

9/7/2017 | Comments | Heart, Parenting

The number of children diagnosed with high blood pressure, also called hypertension, is likely to jump as new rules for spotting and treating the condition are put into place. More than 2 million American kids already are living with hypertension. To get a better understanding of what this...

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Don't Back Off Safe Sleep for Your Baby

8/29/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

Mothers know best when they follow the advice of their health care providers to always place their babies on their backs for sleep. But intending to put your baby on her back at night, and for naps, isn’t the same as actually doing so – every time – according to a recent study published in the...

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After Charlottesville: 6 Tips for Talking With Your Kids

8/22/2017 | 2 Comments | Parenting

With so much violence and hatred in the news, it’s smart to talk to your kids about it. For a local perspective, Premier Health Now sought guidance from Shauna Dilworth, MS, LPCC-S, Clinical Supervisor, Young Children’s Assessment and Treatment Services (YCATS) program at Samaritan Behavioral...

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Moral of the Study: Take Concussions Seriously

8/5/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

Football season will soon kick off. And a recently published study gives players, their families, coaches and trainers a jolting reminder to take head injuries seriously. The study, published in the medical journal JAMA, found that a neurodegenerative brain disease linked to having multiple...

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How to Avoid Summer's Heartbreaking Headline

8/2/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

It’s a news story that makes parents shudder. Sad news came Saturday that the Huber Heights 3-year-old who fell into a pool last weekend died from his injuries. Drowning is the second leading cause of death in children from infants through age 4. With plenty of warm days still ahead, Premier Health...

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Jumping to Conclusions? Or is Trampoline Alert On Target?

7/26/2017 | 3 Comments | Parenting, Fitness

The gush of warnings began shortly after a Florida mom posted a pic of her tearful toddler. He broke his leg on a trampoline and is in a waist-to-ankle cast for six weeks. “Think again before letting your kid on a trampoline,” warned one online report. “Our lives have been turned upside down,” the...

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Protect Your Family from Burns and Other Summer Hazards

6/14/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

The summer heat is on — and with it come potential dangers. Pouring an accelerant onto a fire pit or grill is one of many preventable summer hazards. An 11-year-old Ohio boy recently experienced severe burns from flames that flared when he used an accelerant on a fire pit. To learn more about...

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Suicide Prevention: Coping Strategies for Teens

6/1/2017 | 0 Comments | Parenting

It’s enough to worry every parent. Suicide has been on the rise for teens and preteens since the early 2000s. For teens age 14 to 18, it’s the second leading cause of death. And according to a new study, the percentage of younger children and teens hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or actions...

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Winning the Battle Against Bullying

5/27/2017 | 0 Comments | Parenting

What’s the impact of bullying on our youth? As many as 35 percent of young people ages 10 to 18 are bullied face to face and another 15 to 20 percent are cyber bullied.  Netflix’s popular “13 Reasons Why" series spotlights bullying as one of many contributing factors in a fictional high...

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Swim Healthy: Follow These 10 Tips

5/26/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

Are you planning to spend the lazy days of summer at the community pool, waterpark or other water play areas? Before you dive in, Premier Health Now recommends you teach your family how to avoid catching a recreational water illness (RWI). You’ll be thankful you did. The most common RWI is...

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Making a Case for Fidget Spinners

5/23/2017 | 0 Comments | Parenting

They’ve been around since the 1990s, but sales of fidget spinners to school-age children skyrocketed this spring into the millions. The paddle-shaped blades that spin when you press the core come in multiple colors, designs and prices. As CNN reported on this newest toy fad, Premier Health Now...

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Parents: Keep Open Dialogue on 13 Reasons Why

5/18/2017 | 0 Comments | Parenting

The events leading up to a fictional high school girl’s suicide, chronicled in Netflix’s new “13 Reasons Why” series, have gone viral with adolescents and teens since the show debuted in March 2017. As Netflix announced a second season for the show, Premier Health Now talked to Samaritan Behavioral...

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Are Smartphones the New Drug of Choice?

4/12/2017 | 0 Comments | Relationships, Parenting

Recent studies have shown that American teenagers are growing less likely to try or regularly use drugs, including alcohol. Can smartphones be the reason? The list of experts who believe the two may be related is too long to ignore.  Replacing One Gratification With Another  An annual...

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Don't Get Burned by Homemade Slime

3/31/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

They stretch it, poke it, shape it, add color and even glitter to it. The current craze for homemade slime among teens and middle schoolers had a recent setback when a young girl from Massachusetts experienced second- and third-degree burns from handling her homemade slime. Fox News...

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Peanuts for Babies: Why Parents Can Trust New Recommendations

1/24/2017 | 0 Comments | Parenting, Allergies

New guidelines from the American Academy of Pediatrics on introducing peanut products to infants have received mixed reviews from parents. In a recent New York Times article, parents from various states sounded off about their guilt and angst regarding new recommendations on reducing childhood...

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Home Safe Home: Protect Babies and Toddlers

1/7/2017 | 0 Comments | Safety, Parenting

Are you overlooking hazards to child safety in your own home? The shocking video of a 2-year-old pinned by a dresser and his twin brother’s astonishing rescue has grabbed the attention of millions. The twins’ parents posted their nanny cam video to alert others to the dangers of tipping...

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