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Stories in Pain

First Things to Know to Give First Aid

May 16 | Comments | Safety, Illness, Pain

Knowing what to do and what NOT to do in an emergency can mean the difference between helping or making an injury worse. Brush up on the basics, challenge what you think you know, and learn what family health information should be in your First Aid kit. Join Family Nurse Practitioner Jeff Penny on...

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How to Speak Up — and SpeakEndo — About Endometriosis

March 26 | Comments | Pain

If you’ve seen the TV commercials urging you to “SpeakEndo,” you may realize that the way you talk with your doctor about your endometriosis symptoms can influence your care. Of course, in real life — unlike in the commercial — you can’t count on a well-meaning stranger to help you during your...

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You’re Ready If Summer Fun Takes a Painful Turn

5/22/2018 | Comments | Safety, Pain, Brain Health

Summer’s all fun and games – until somebody gets hurt. But you can be prepared by brushing up on what’s serious and what’s not—and what to do next. Orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist Dr. Michael Griesser preps you for managing the cuts, breaks and concussions that can come with summer...

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Cause & Effect? A Closer Look at Fortnite and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

5/16/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Pain

When Boston Red Sox pitcher David Price experienced numbness in his throwing hand, few may have imagined the discussion that would soon follow would center on a video game instead of a baseball diamond. However, Price’s eventual diagnosis with carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) left some wondering if...

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Male Infertility from Pain Pills?

1/19/2018 | Comments | Pregnancy, Fitness, Pain

Athletes and others who exercise intensely often use over-the-counter pain medications to control their aches and pains. But according to a new study, ibuprofen – in doses commonly taken by athletes – can lower fertility in men. What should regular ibuprofen users make of this news, which was...

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Gaga Puts Her Face on a Puzzling Disease

9/22/2017 | Comments | Celebrities, Illness, Pain

You could almost hear the enthusiastic (yet empathetic) cheer from fibromyalgia sufferers recently when they got the news: Lady Gaga shares their long-misunderstood disease. Although fibromyalgia is nothing to cheer about, Lady Gaga’s admittance to the club will surely help dissipate some of...

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Arthritis - Not Just for Seniors Anymore

4/3/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Pain

Think arthritis is strictly an old person’s ailment?  Think again, according to a recent report released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  The CDC Vital Signs report says that about 54.4 million American adults have been diagnosed with the painful joint...

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Back Ache? Hold Off on the Pills

2/21/2017 | 0 Comments | Pain

When your lower back aches, you want relief. Now.And you may believe that the quickest route to comfort is a walk to your medicine cabinet.But not so fast.The American College of Physicians recently released new treatment guidelines for lower back pain. The guidelines recommend skipping medicine —...

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