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Stories in Illness

First Things to Know to Give First Aid

May 16 | Comments | Safety, Illness, Pain

Knowing what to do and what NOT to do in an emergency can mean the difference between helping or making an injury worse. Brush up on the basics, challenge what you think you know, and learn what family health information should be in your First Aid kit. Join Family Nurse Practitioner Jeff Penny on...

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Vaccines: Know the Basics to Protect Your Kids

March 15 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

Whether it's the flu or a return to school, the topic of vaccinations always seem to be in season. The latest debate comes from the news that an 18-year-old from Norwalk, Ohio, got vaccinated after doing his own research — and against his mother’s wishes. There are some key things to...

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Luke Perry and What to Know About Stroke

March 6 | Comments | Celebrities, Illness

According to news reports actor Luke Perry, best known for his roles in "90210" and "Riverdale," died Monday at age 52, five days after suffering a "massive stroke." What does it mean to have a “massive stroke” and how do you reduce your risk? Premier Health Now posed these questions to John...

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New Drug Shortens Flu Misery

11/1/2018 | Comments | Flu, Illness

It’s not a substitute for a flu shot, but a newly approved medicine called Xofluza™ (pronounced zoe FLOO zuh) may help you feel better if you get the flu. Premier Health Now asked family practitioner Joseph Allen, MD, from Vandalia Family Care about when and whether to take the new...

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Researchers Work to Identify Cause of Mysterious ‘Polio-Like Virus’ in Children

10/19/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

Remarkable advances in modern medicine have eradicated diseases that once plagued humanity — and even struck fear at the very mention of their names. This might explain the growing concern over a “polio-like” virus that has already been identified in more than 60 children this year. Premier...

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7 Tips to Reduce Germs at Airport Security

9/10/2018 | Comments | Colds, Flu, Illness

When you’re hustling through airport security, you’re focused on following instructions and organizing your belongings – and possibly those of your children – so they quickly pass through the X-ray scanner. “Everything is so fast-moving that most of us are not thinking in those moments about...

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Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease: Not Just for Kids!

8/27/2018 | Comments | Illness

A disease common to children has taken some adult athletes off the playing field recently. Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD), typically found in kids, sent New York Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard to the 10-day disabled list. And it forced the cancellation of the West Virginia University...

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Why You and Goldfish Need to Call It Quits – For Now

7/27/2018 | Comments | Illness, Nutrition

Toddlers call them “fishies.” But you can call them “temporarily unavailable.” This week Pepperidge Farm issued a recall of four types of Goldfish crackers because they contain whey powder that may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria. Several varieties of Ritz crackers are also included on...

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How to Calm Irritated Summer Skin

7/25/2018 | Comments | Safety, Illness

Don’t just hope to ease through summer without a scratch. Here are do-it-yourself strategies to prevent or soothe summer-irritated skin. Learn the first, most important step to take if you think you’ve tangled with poison ivy, and discover how charcoal can take the bite out of summer itchiness. Join...

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Death of Teen From Toxic Shock Syndrome Raises Concern

7/2/2018 | Comments | Illness

The death of 16-year-old Canadian Sara Manitoski in March 2017 was the result of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), according to the just-released coroner’s report. She died while on a school camping trip after complaining of menstrual cramps and not feeling well. She was wearing a tampon at the time of...

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The One Healthy Step Smart Guys Never Skip

6/25/2018 | Comments | Heart, Fitness, Illness, Cancer, Emotional Health, Sleep

At any age, men can do their older selves a huge favor by taking one smart step now: making time once a year for a checkup with their primary care provider. Dr. Aaron Block, family physician, and Dr. Douglas Gaker, urologist, review the health issues that can trip up men as they age – and how every...

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Be on ‘Tick Watch’ This Summer

6/23/2018 | Comments | Safety, Illness

Summer’s an excellent time to take advantage of the great outdoors. But beware: Ticks are taking hold of Ohio in growing numbers. One indicator of this: The Ohio Department of Health reports that since 2008, cases of Lyme disease – the most common illness spread by ticks – have risen six fold...

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Why the Latest Stroke Treatment Depends on You

6/18/2018 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health, Technology

Even with major advances in stroke treatment and research, good outcomes depend on getting fast help for a stroke victim. Neuroscience specialists Dr. Bryan Ludwig and Dr. John Terry share the life-changing progress in stroke treatment and how you can diagnose a stroke with more than 90 percent...

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Endometriosis: Even Stars Need Help to Manage Pain and Fertility

5/7/2018 | Comments | Celebrities, Pregnancy, Illness

As more celebrities share personal stories about their struggles with endometriosis, the condition is becoming less mysterious. Singer Halsey, 23, is the most recent personality to disclose how she is managing the disorder.  Yet many women still struggle for months — and sometimes years —...

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New Shingles Vaccine Shares Spotlight with ‘Hamilton’

4/16/2018 | Comments | Illness

Broadway composer and playwright Lin-Manuel Miranda, who gave Alexander Hamilton a much celebrated encore, also brought the viral disease shingles back in the spotlight with a couple of recent tweets. His tweets about having shingles and quarantining himself in his parents’ home, to protect his and...

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Why Mumps are Making a Comeback - Despite Vaccinations

3/29/2018 | Comments | Parenting, Illness

It was decades ago that U.S. children began squirming over not one, but two doses of the measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccination (one as an infant and a booster at age 6). Yet today mumps are on the rise, especially among college students. At James Madison University in Harrisonburg,...

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Achoo! What to Do When a Cold Catches You

3/7/2018 | Comments | Illness

What you do or don’t know about colds may leave you suffering longer. Dr. Laura Tully and Dr. Joseph Allen share their own strategies for keeping colds at bay and shortening the symptoms if one hits. Hear their best tips on this Premier Health Now On-Air Podcast.  

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Winter Bugs Love a Crowd. Here's How to Steer Clear

2/19/2018 | Comments | Colds, Flu, Illness

Winter can be a challenging time for avoiding seasonal illnesses that spread fast in close quarters. These tips for preventing some common winter illnesses can help keep your family healthy this winter - from Dr. Marcus Washington and certified nurse practitioner Amanda Fox in this Premier Health...

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Timely Health Tips so Fall Won't Trip You Up

10/30/2017 | Comments | Safety, Flu, Illness, Nutrition

Premier Health physician Dr. Melinda Ruff and clinical dietitian Meredith Jones discuss strategies for a safer, healthier fall season from covering flu protection, Halloween safety, carbon monoxide and holiday eating.  

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The SAD Effects of Shorter Days

10/19/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

As days get shorter, sunlight dwindles and skies turn grey, does your mood seem to take a downcast turn, too? If so, you could have a condition called seasonal affective disorder – known by its apt acronym, SAD. To learn more about SAD, its symptoms and how to treat it, Premier Health Now recently...

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Gaga Puts Her Face on a Puzzling Disease

9/22/2017 | Comments | Celebrities, Illness, Pain

You could almost hear the enthusiastic (yet empathetic) cheer from fibromyalgia sufferers recently when they got the news: Lady Gaga shares their long-misunderstood disease. Although fibromyalgia is nothing to cheer about, Lady Gaga’s admittance to the club will surely help dissipate some of...

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Study Raises Hope for Alzheimer's Diagnosis

9/15/2017 | Comments | Illness, Brain Health

Recently, an experimental blood test showed a high rate of accuracy in diagnosing Alzheimer’s disease, in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  What does this mean in the quest to better understand, treat and prevent Alzheimer’s, the most...

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Reduce Dementia by a Third? Tell Us How!

7/25/2017 | 0 Comments | Self-Improvement, Illness

With dementia afflicting 45 million people worldwide in 2015, the disease could well be the biggest killer of the 21st century, some experts think. A new report from the Lancet Commission on Dementia Prevention, Intervention and Care suggests that up to a third of Alzheimer’s and other dementia...

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New Medicine Treats Paralyzing ALS

5/11/2017 | 0 Comments | Illness

Patients living with ALS (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) may be able to slow the progression of the crippling disease, improve their quality of life and live longer — thanks to a new drug approved by the Food and Drug Administration. Developed in Japan, edaravone shows promise in helping ALS...

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Worrisome Trend: Diseases of Aging Strike Young

4/6/2017 | 0 Comments | Fitness, Illness, Cancer

More people under age 65 are diagnosed with arthritis, colon cancer and stroke — conditions once thought to be the domain of older adults.  What’s going on? Premier Health Now talked with Mark Williams, MD, Beavercreek Family Medicine, to find out. “We don't know the absolute scientific...

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Cassidy Moves Past Denial of Dementia

2/22/2017 | 0 Comments | Celebrities, Illness

David Cassidy — singer/actor, former teen idol and star of the ‘70s TV hit The Partridge Family — just ended his touring career at age 66. He’s been diagnosed with dementia and wants to “focus on what I am, who I am and how I’ve been without any distractions,” he told People magazine.Cassidy has...

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15 Ways to Tackle Norovirus

2/6/2017 | 0 Comments | Flu, Illness

Fast on the heels of a spike in influenza cases comes the highly contagious, vomit-inducing norovirus.  Like the flu, norovirus can quickly infect an entire household or school or office. Premier Health Now talked with Emily Neal, nurse practitioner, Premier Family Care of Mason, about...

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Executive Order: Vaccines Reduce Pneumonia Risk

1/26/2017 | 0 Comments | Celebrities, Illness

Former President George H.W. Bush brought to national attention the seriousness of pneumonia for older adults when he entered the hospital January 14 with shortness of breath.Now that our 41st president is out of intensive care and on the mend, Health Now checked in with Marcus Washington, MD, of...

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